How to make an herb garden in a box.

Give an diy indoor herb garden in a fabulous box! This gift is a great starter set for someone who doesn't garden much, or someone who loves to garden but needs something indoors for the winter. A great gift idea from NellieBellie

Wouldn’t this be such a sweet little box to give to someone? Or just keep for yourself. A diy indoor herb garden in a box. There is something about having fresh herbs right outside my kitchen door that makes me feel so happy. And this little box lets me give that feeling to someone else easily and inexpensively. It is a fabulous way to start spring, or deal with winter.  Get these little herb plants started and let your friend plant them in larger pots, or even plant them outside when the ground is ready!

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A diy indoor herb garden packed into a pretty box...a great gift idea! From NellieBellie


  • cardboard box
  • tissue paper
  • plastic cups
  • soil
  • seeds
  • tags
  • Sharpie
  • accessories

To Do:

  1. Line your box with tissue paper (instructions for box decorating below).
  2. Cut the plastic cups in half, and flip the top half upside down over the bottom.  Place in the box.  The cup will hold soil, and the top half will act as a stabilizer on the outside.
  3. Fill plastic cups (cut to size) with potting soil.
  4. Plant a seed or two and water
  5. Add the plant tag on top.  Just use a good marker to write the name of the herb on the wooden circle.
  6. Include fun accessories like a trowel, more seeds, and an embellishment (the butterfly is also from Zeus and Zoe and is so sweet!)
deco art

To decorate the box:

I made the box from a cardboard box easily found at a craft store. I used DecoArt’s stencil and paints to give the box a wonderful spring pattern that is fun and whimsical. Wood circles are attached and more DecoArt paint is used to write “Herb Garden in a Box” on them. (The same wood circles and paint make cute plant id’s inside the box.) A fabulous decorative flower from Zeus and Zoe embellishes the front of the box. And cute little flowers from Zeus and Zoe (jazzed up with DecoArt paint) are embellishments for the wood circles on top.

This diy indoor herb garden was featured on Hometalk’s Gifts for the Gardening Mom Webinar. You can watch the video with this project and other great ideas…

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