Tissue paper flowers

 Simple steps to make easy diy tissue paper flowers...with video tutorial.

 We’ve made this adorable and easy diy tissue paper flowers craft that you can use with your kids, or with after school groups, or Sunday School, or anytime you need a cute project to do with kids and want to remind them how amazing their mothers are and have them give them gifts.  (These also work for other events.)

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How to make easy diy tissue paper flowers:

So, here’s to mothers:

tissue flower suppliesSupplies:

  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • a few pencils (we used chopsticks).
  • Optional: [easyazon_link identifier=”B001K7QAYM” locale=”US”]wire[/easyazon_link]

Levi cutting strips

To Do:

First, you’ll probably want to cut the tissue paper in half so that you’re working with a section of tissue paper about a page in length.  You’ll need to cut the tissue paper into strips of varying lengths.  These strips will turn into the petals of your tissue paper flowers.

Cut different widths

You don’t want the paper to be TOO different in size, or your flowers will look wonky.  Just a little difference.;

roll up

Then, unroll the tissue paper strips and fold them up.  You’ll want to fold them at slightly different thicknesses to create flower petals that get slightly larger towards the outside.

roll different widths

Hopefully, you can see that the strips are slightly thinner going across, and the roll ups aren’t as deep.cut base

This is the hard part.  You need to cut each of the rolled up pieces, so they form connected petals.  Shown above is the first cut.  See how it doesn’t go all the way through?  That’s important.  This way your petals will all be connected.cut petalsHeres what the tissue paper flowers look like after they’ve been cut.  You only do two cuts total.  The straight one almost across…and then the curvy one that makes it look like a half petal.

unroll for petals

Then you unroll them, and they turn into a string of petals!

attach tissue to pencil

This is where the pencil comes in.  Wrap the tissue paper around the pencil and tape it to itself.  Begin rolling.twirl paper around pencilWhen you finish with the first strip, tie it down and grab the next strip.  Tape the second strip down and keep rolling.  Do the same with the third.

tape off first sectionSee, like this.

Simple steps to tissue paper flowersEventually, you end up with tissue paper flowers that look like this!!!!

Not exactly what you were looking for?  Martha Stewart  and Spoonful have some great versions that are a little different than ours.

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14 thoughts on “Tissue paper flowers”

  1. Love this tute!! I can’t believe how real they look too and you can make any color you want – Bonus!!!

  2. Thank you for this tutorial! It was the most simple step by step, but it still took some time to figure out! Note: fold the rectangles accordion style.

  3. Thanks so much for letting us know! And that’s wonderful! We wouldn’t be happy if you posted the whole thing on your blog (so no one would have a reason to come to ours), but a picture with a link to us is great!

  4. Hi. I posted your tutorial on my blog. and linked it . I also posted your lovely foto too. I hope its ok. Do let me know if its not and I will remove it immediately. My apologies in advance if i was presumptious. tq

  5. yeah, lots of tutorials are more finicky than they look. these ones really are this simple. The only note is that wrapping them perfectly isn’t going to happen; so be okay with a little imperfection.

  6. Pleasantville Mom

    These look fantastic! I’ve tried making tissue paper pom-poms into flowers but they never look right. I can’t wait to give these ones a try with my kids! Thanks for the great idea.

  7. That would be so cute!!! Especially if you choose colors to coordinate with the gender!!!! Just make sure you give yourself ample time…they don’t take long, but with a whole bunch it will feel like it!

  8. Love this!!!! I saw this on Pinterest and knew I had to look further. Gotta a Meet-N-Greet Baby shower this summer and I am thinking of making these for each of the guests!

  9. Debbie @Dewdrop Gables

    These don’t look that difficult and they sure turn out looking like perfect tissue roses! Hope to see the video soon, thanks!
    Debbie :)

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