Jammy Dodger Cookie recipe

Before we get to the making of the jammy dodger cookies, a note about the picture above...If you haven't seen Doctor Who before, then it will make no sense.  The robot-like creature with a plunger for an arm is called a Dalek, and it is super evil and the most scary creature on earth.  Now you understand what the Dalek is.  Why is it in our cookie picture?  Because Jammy Dodger Cookies are The Doctor's favorite. A

These Jammy Dodger Cookies were inspired by Dr. Who and are a very simple way to add excitement to any viewing party. As if Dr. Who needed it...

Oh, and if you were looking at the picture and hoping we would share where to buy that Dalek alarm clock, here you go:  Go here.

We've been asked why on earth we don't just buy these cookies? Well, my dear sirs and ladies...we live across the pond. They don't have Jammy Dodger cookies here. Or, if they do...they are specialty. So, we make them. And join you all in the fun!

Here's a clip of the most famous occurrence of the jammy dodger in the show.  The Doctor just happens to have one on hand when he needs to trick an entire alien race into believing he has a self-destruct button.  Cue the jammy dodger!

It is also British.  And Levi had a project in school this week where he had to be King George, so he asked us to make him British cookies to bring to class for his presentation.

British cookie+something awesome=Jammy Dodger Cookies!

Now for the how-to:

jammy dodgers

 Make shortbread cookies using the shortbread cookie recipe we put on the website awhile ago.  Punch holes in the middle of half of them before cooking.

jammy dodgers

 After they've cooled, put jam on one of the cookies without a hole.  Then top that cookie with a cookie with a hole in it, so the jam peeks through.  Nellie didn't include a picture of that, because she thought the process was obvious.  Not sure if that's true.  If you're confused, tell us in the comments so Nellie knows not to do that again.

jammy dodgers

 Ta-da!!!!  Aren't these jammy dodger cookies simple?

Honest comment:  rolling out all the shortbread can be a little annoying.  If you don't have time to roll it all out,  maybe consider making a different cookie.  Or a half batch, then there's a whole lot less to roll out.  That's what The Bellie always does, for real.

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8 thoughts on “Jammy Dodger Cookie recipe”

  1. I stumbled across your blog from Pinterest (for the Octopus rope thing?) and I just happened to see a Dalek on the sidebar. I will be checking out your blog more often now! I absolutely love Dr. Who, and have even looked up buying Jammy Dodgers online... but they are very expensive! Thanks for this recipe!!

  2. Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I think I'm in a time warp. I have no idea whatsoever what you're talking about. I suppose if my grandsons lived close by they may know of Dr. No and such thing as those jammy dodger cookies. Could you cheat and make a sugar cookie instead of a shortbread and then put the jam in between the layers? How about a peanut butter cookie? I guess it wouldn't be like the real deal huh? I'm asking the grandsons so I can keep up to date.

    1. Hahaha; did you intentially say "time warp"...because that's absolutely Dr. Who!!! You know more than you think ;) And you could do a bunch of things...but you're right. Then they wouldn't be the real deal. Yeah, ask the grandsons. They'll know.

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