easy ghost cookies

One of the best part of the holidays is the cookies. Our family makes cookies for every holiday, and the best kind are the pretty ones. We're a fan of shortbread, pinwheels, but mostly roll-out cookies.

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Roll out cookies are great because they work for every holiday, all you need is the right icing and cookie cutters. They're all purpose, and one sugar cookie recipe can work for all holidays. In fact, many people have a single sugar cookie recipe that they've used for years, because it's that simple! Feel free to use a purchased dough. Really, it's about getting in the kitchen any way it happens. Make it happen. If you do want a yummy sugar cookie recipe...try the one from this recipe.

The modern sugar cookie dates back to the 1700s with what was called the Nazareth Sugar Cookie and became Pennsylvania's official cookie. It became popular in the U.S. when leaving cookies out for Santa did...the 1930s.

The secret to these cookies is entirely in the decorating. I mean, that's what makes them Halloween cookies. You're going to need your white icing, googly eyes, and anything else you want. Maybe some black icing to add some fun faces or bow ties, you decide!

The great thing about decorating these cookies is how incredibly easy they are. All you do is cover them in white icing, then add the faces or other things you'd like. This makes it super easy to have your children help, since adding the white icing takes absolutely no skill and it'll look cute no matter what! They can add the faces too if they want, since having a good time is far more important than how pretty they look, right? (Although, you can steal some to do yourself, obviously)

I grabbed these ghost cookie cutters that made it so easy to create these cute cookies. Super easy and I'll be using them every year.
You can grab them here. Truthfully, I grabbed the candy eyes at the same time, right here.

easy Ghost Cookies

Prep Time | 30 mins
Cook Time | 12 mins
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It's wrong to give you a recipe, really, when it's just putting a few things together. But I know that it is nice to have steps to follow. Especially when baking with children.


  • 1 pkg purchased roll-out sugar cookies
  • 1 pkg white sugar cooking icing
  • 24-48 candy eyeballs
Check out our Kitchen Reference Guide for help with unfamiliar terms.


  • Roll out your cookie dough and use the ghost cookie cutter to cut out the cookies.
  • Bake according to pkg instructions.
  • Let cool and then ice with white cookie icing (follow directions). 
  • Before the icing sets, add the eyes. Let set.

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