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Easy, family-friendly dinners are life-savers for busy mom's! We have a great collection of easy recipes using ground beef, chicken, seafood, or even vegetarian.

Many are one-pot or cook up in under 30 minutes. We even have great recipes for kids to make themselves!

Making pasta, in this case raviolo, isn't necessarily about the pasta. It's the fun had in the process.

how to make raviolo

Awhile back we made a version of toasted ravioli using wonton wraps.  And declared to all the world that wonton wraps worked just as well as homemade ravioli and anyone making their own pasta was wasting time.  We were politely chided by one of our favorite readers,

Quick and easy lasagna soup: and it is way healthier than eating lasagna!

One-Pot 30-Min Lasagna Soup.

You'll have this easy lasagna soup on the table with simple ingredients and in less than 30 minutes! It will become a family favorite! Use a traditional ravioli or pasta to make it kid-friendly with fresh herbs and tomatoes for the ultimate in flavor!

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