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Easy, family-friendly dinners are life-savers for busy mom's! We have a great collection of easy recipes using ground beef, chicken, seafood, or even vegetarian.

Many are one-pot or cook up in under 30 minutes. We even have great recipes for kids to make themselves!

Portabella Parmesan Recipe

Suppertime in my home is still a bit of a mess. It feels like since we moved to the city almost two years ago and put the kids into "proper" public school our schedules are still catching up. For the most part, we've adjusted. But I still

A sweet and savory dish, the Wild Rice Tart is perfect for brunch or dinner. It's a great combo of simple and delicious!

Wild Rice Tart

Alice, from Dining with Alice, is showing off her Minnesota cooking skills again today!  We're so excited about this wild rice tart!  She is the kitchen star for the local Twin Cities Live T.V. show and rightfully so; she is charming, talented and fun.  She also has

Chicken Taquitos (kind of like the gas station kind, except fresher!) Click through for recipe.

Baked Chicken Taquitos

Confession time: I love gas station taquitos. You know, the ones on the heater-roller that sometimes look like they've been sitting out there for hours? But even so, I don't care. I still love them. Recreating these taquitos at home was a no-brainer. I ended up with

Cabbage Pie is easy, delicious, and so friendly on the budget!

easy Cabbage Pie

That, my dear friends, is cabbage pie. And that, my dear friends, is all sorts of lowly veggies topped with puff pastry screaming to the heavens to love and appreciate it.

Yogurt chicken salad with carrot turmeric rolls. Complete recipes for both on

Easy chicken salad and carrot turmeric rolls

Do you have a go-to dinner for those nights when you have had a crazy, busy day but need to put a hearty, healthy meal on the table? Mine is my easy chicken salad recipe. It's a family favorite and always a family pleaser in a short

how to make homemade gnocci. So easy to do at home. A video tutorial is included as well as a basic recipe. A great thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. www.

How to Make Homemade Gnocchi

Hello there! I am so glad you are here. Today we are talking about gnocchi. The little, tiny, absolutely fabulous puffs of potato pasta. Many of you love them as much as I do. But I wonder, have you tried making your own? True, purchasing them is

hearthy macaroni and cheese pizza is a fun twist on a favorite! A great pizza for family pizza night! This macaroni pizza recipe is simple and delicious!

easy Macaroni and Cheese pizza

I mean...this is the ultimate in comfort food. Cheese and macaroni and cheese and pizza all in one? Heck yes! A family favorite any day of the week!

Meatball pizza recipe (we call it polka dot pizza in our house) is fast, easy, and delicious! A great recipe for family pizza night! #MeatballMasters #ad

Meatball Pizza

 I made a delicious meatball pizza recipe using Johnsonville® Meatballs as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. Find our full disclosure here. We call this meatball pizza recipe the Polka Dot Pizza in our house. Probably obvious why. Perfect balls of meat, tomatoes, and cheese make this

shrimp tacos are an easy, healthy dinner. This recipe uses Jalapeno Cilantro Coleslaw that is yummy!

Shrimp tacos.

See that plate of goodness? That is a homemade tortilla topped with shrimp and jalapeno cilantro slaw. It's awaiting a bit of tomato and cheese, I think. Not sure what I want to put on my taco today. I may leave it plain. Because, honestly, that shrimp

This easy vegetable lasagna is really made up of only roasted vegetables and cheese. vegetarian and gluten-free Delicious!

Easy Vegetable "Lasagna"

I'm going to start this post out with a warning. Warning that it is very, very photo heavy. In my mind that isn't a warning because it's a BAD thing, but because you'll be drooling on your keyboard. If you are at work or a public place,

homemade spaghetti sauce recipe that is easy, classic, and one you'll use again and again!

classic Spaghetti Sauce recipe/tips & tricks for perfect Spaghetti dinner

I made a delicious and easy dinner using Johnsonville® Meatballs as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #MeatballMasters. Find our full disclosure here. Is there anything more revered for family meals than Spaghetti and Meatballs? Not in our home, at least. It seems that everyone will cancel

chicken lasagna with spinach and artichoke. an easy & hearty recipe |

Chicken Spinach Artichoke lasagna

I failed as a food blogger. With a giant fail. But, I was a huge hit as a mom! Most of the dishes I make involve photographs every step of every way. And no eating until every possible photograph from every possible angle is taken, which means

Making pasta, in this case raviolo, isn't necessarily about the pasta. It's the fun had in the process.

how to make raviolo

Awhile back we made a version of toasted ravioli using wonton wraps.  And declared to all the world that wonton wraps worked just as well as homemade ravioli and anyone making their own pasta was wasting time.  We were politely chided by one of our favorite readers,

One-Pot 30-Min Lasagna Soup.

You'll have this easy lasagna soup on the table with simple ingredients and in less than 30 minutes! It will become a family favorite! Use a traditional ravioli or pasta to make it kid-friendly with fresh herbs and tomatoes for the ultimate in flavor!

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