52+ Favorite Cake Mix Recipes (hacks using cake mixes!)

Cake mixes are good for so much more than that 9 by 13 cake topped with a tub of frosting. Use cake mixe recipes to keep your baking easy and fast and….amazing! These are some of the best recipes in one stop! Blondies, cookies, cakes, even cheesecakes…these recipes all use cake mixes to keep them simple & fast for even the most beginner of bakers!

Cake mix recipes for everyone!

Before you start feeling shame about using a cake mix in your baking…stahp! Your family loves you baking yummy treats for them and if using a shortcut is how you get it done..do it! And, for many of us, we are too tired to bake, aren’t very experienced, or lack the tools & space, and can use all the help we can get!

easy 3 ingredient strawberry dump cake

Cake Mix Cake Recipes

This Fourth of July cake recipe is a fun and easy idea to upgrade your patriotic celebration in an easy way! No need to make a homemade cake, use boxed cake mix and a quick vanilla frosting to get this fun layered look.

Princess Swirl Cake || Keep it easy on yourself and use boxed cake mixes and food coloring to get the desired “Princess colors” for this cake.

This Pumpkin Better than Sex cake is not only a few ingredients, but soooo delicious and easy.

This is an easy 3 ingredient slow cooker Strawberry Dump Cake that you can quickly make and forget until it’s time to serve! Use a cake mix and strawberry pie filling to keep this super quick and easy!

This Orange Crush cake cannot get any easier, faster, or tastier.

Turn that box of yellow cake mix in your cupboard into a yummy cobbler style dessert with this easy Peach Dump Cake recipe. It takes just 3 ingredients to make!https://momfoodie.com/peach-dump-cake-easy-3-ingredient-dessert/

This butter pecan praline poke cake has been pinned over 200,000 times because it is just that easy and delicious! It makes for an impressive cake. https://thegiftedgabber.com/butter-pecan-praline-poke-cake/

This refreshing cake starts with a box mix base and ends with a sweet strawberry glaze. https://yallcomeeat.com/lemonstrawberrypokecake/

This fun chocolate and cherry filled bundt cake comes together in a snap and is so much fun to serve and eat. It was one of the recipes that my mom had loaded and ready in the recipe box she gave me and it is a family favorite! https://www.cookingwithcarlee.com/2017/12/chocolate-cherry-fudge-bundt-cake.html

A vintage Lemon Lime Cake made with a boxed cake mix combined with jello for a quick and easy citrusy dessert.https://www.lanascooking.com/lemon-lime-cake/

This easy chocolate cake is super moist and comes together quickly with JUST four ingredients! https://stefseatsandsweets.com/chocolate-pumpkin-bundt-cake/

When you make this easy, light and fluffy peach cake with a whipped cream vanilla frosting, your family and friends won’t be able to resist! This is a very delicious cake. Not too sweet, and VERY simple to make! https://www.simplyhappyfoodie.com/easy-peach-potluck-cake/

This yummy pumpkin cake starts with a boxed mix, and turns out light and soft, with the best tasting frosting! https://www.simplyhappyfoodie.com/pumpkin-cake-cinnamon-butterscotch-frosting/

https://www.bakingbeauty.net/cannoli-cake/ Cannoli Cake: Moist vanilla cake with tangy cannoli frosting and tons of chocolate chips. Tastes like a cannoli in cake form!

https://freshcoasteats.com/pink-champagne-cupcakes/ Perfect Pink Champagne Cupcakes: Light and Fluffy Pink Champagne Cupcakes with a Smooth Champagne Buttercream Frosting and a fizzy pop of pink champagne.

https://www.coffeewithus3.com/strawberry-cake/Sweet, fruity Simply Delicious Strawberry Cake is packed full of strawberries, from the pureed strawberries in the cake to the strawberry cream cheese frosting.

https://crayonsandcravings.com/ricotta-cake/ You won’t believe how easy this Italian ricotta cake is to make using a butter cake mix, ricotta cheese, and a few other basic ingredients.

The incredibly tasty Apple Dump Cake is a super easy dessert, despite the not-so-great name! Apple pie filling, cake mix, and butter are layered in a 9 x 13 pan and baked until golden. This is a perfect dessert for last minute entertaining! https://bakeitwithlove.com/apple-dump-cake/

This recipe is literally made from a box cake mix with a few extra tweaks. Topped with an amazing homemade glaze and your home will be smelling like fall in no time. https://ottawamommyclub.ca/super-easy-pumpkin-bundt-cake-recipe/

https://crayonsandcravings.com/strawberry-poke-cake/ Use a boxed white cake mix plus jello and Cool Whip to make a delicious Jello Poke Cake!

It doesn’t get much better than having cake and pumpkin pie in the same dessert. https://www.kibitzspot.com/pumpkin-pie-cake/

This Southern Sock-It-To-Me Cake recipe pairs a moist and buttery cake texture with a cinnamon brown sugar pecan swirl that is to die for!  The vanilla glaze brings it all together perfectly. https://grandbaby-cakes.com/sock-it-to-me-cake/

Kahlua chocolate cake is so good! Kahlua adds a subtle coffee flavor which enhances the chocolate taste. Add Kahlua frosting for the win! https://sulaandspice.com/kahlua-chocolate-cake/

A simple recipe for Caramel Apple Dump cake made with butter pecan cake mix and apple pie filling! https://www.simplystacie.net/2014/12/caramel-apple-dump-cake/

cake mix sandwich cookies

Cake Mix Cookies

Cake mix cookies are an easy and quick dessert that can be made in less than 20 minutes! https://www.pinkwhen.com/lemon-cake-mix-cookies-recipe/

Looking for a sweet treat for your holidays These Coca-Cola® Cake Mix Cookies are so good and only a couple of ingredients. https://twokidsandacoupon.com/2018/12/coca-cola-cake-mix-cookies.html

These easy Christmas cake mix cookies are easy, fun and festive to make for the holiday season. Here’s how to make them for your gatherings! https://twokidsandacoupon.com/2019/12/easy-christmas-cake-mix-cookies.html

There is always a reason to celebrate with these fun funfetti cake mix cookies! https://confessionsofparenting.com/funfetti-cake-mix-cookies/

If you love carrot cake then you will love these carrot cake mix cookies with cream cheese frosting. https://confessionsofparenting.com/carrot-cake-mix-cookies/

A grown up twist on a childhood fave. These home made Oreos are made with chocolate cake mix and cream cheese icing for a delicious treathttps://www.cravethegood.com/homemade-oreos/

https://dancingthroughtherain.com/funfetti-cake-mix-cookies/ These Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies are super easy to make and absolutely delicious! Soft and crunchy with sprinkles, they’re a dessert that everyone will love!

These Red Velvet Cookies are soft and chewy with a little crispiness on the outside. It only requires 4 ingredients to make them.https://ayouniquejourney.com/red-velvet-cookies/

https://erhardtseat.com/gooey-butter-cake-cookies-holiday-cookie/The best, simple holiday cake cookie recipe! These Gooey Butter Cake Cookies are sweet, buttery and super moist.

https://www.bakingbeauty.net/chocolate-cake-mix-cookies/ Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies: Soft and chewy chocolate cookies bursting with M&Ms. Customize with your favorite candy!

https://threesnackateers.com/fruity-pebbles-cake-mix-cookies/ This easy Fruity Pebbles Cake Mix Cookies Recipe is made with cereal, a box of cake mix, pudding mix and a few other simple ingredients. These super soft sweet treats are great for a school snack, a party dessert or even breakfast!

https://www.coffeewithus3.com/mint-chocolate-cake-mix-cookies/The easiest cookie recipe ever! These Mint Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies are so delicious! With just 4 ingredients for the cookies, and 1 ingredient frosting, these cookies can be thrown together in minutes!

https://ottawamommyclub.ca/strawberry-chocolate-chip-cookies-recipe/ This recipe actually use a box of strawberry cake mix to make the cookies. If you prefer, you can substitute for a lemon, carrot or other cake mix. The cookies are super moist and will melt in your mouth.

These easy red velvet cake mix cookies are chewy, fudgy and shockingly delicious! They taste like a moist red velvet cake combined with a rich chocolate brownie. https://www.littlesweetbaker.com/red-velvet-cake-mix-cookies/

This shortcut recipe takes a chocolate cake mix and turns it into a chewy and fudgy chocolate crinkle cookie. It’s so easy to make, a 3-year-old can do it! https://www.littlesweetbaker.com/easy-chocolate-crinkle-cookies/

When time is tight, make this decadent cookie that starts with a mix. You probably have everything you need in your pantry. https://familyaroundthetable.com/alexs-double-chocolate-white-chip-cookies

Baked red velvet donuts

Cake Mix Donuts

These cake mix donuts are a fun and delicious dessert that’s made in just minutes! https://www.pinkwhen.com/cake-mix-donuts/

Healthier Donuts? These healthier baked chocolate chocolate chip donuts are a total crowd pleaser. https://www.themamamaven.com/baked-chocolate-chocolate-chip-donuts-4-ww-sps/

https://wellifshecandoit.com/colorful-unicorn-cake-donuts/Cake mix isn’t just for cakes and cupcakes, you can make donuts too!

Cake Mix breads

Super Easy Lemon Poppy Seed Bread has only a few ingredients (spoiler: it starts with a cake mix!). It’s a simple dessert you can throw together in a hurry for your family, a party, or even a potluck.https://snugandcozylife.com/easy-lemon-poppy-seed-bread/

https://easybudgetrecipes.com/cake-mix-banana-bread/ This Cake Mix Banana Bread recipe is easy to make and has the perfect crumb. This recipe will work in two bread pans, four mini pans, or even a bundt pan!

This delicious cinnamon bread is so easy to make using cake mix—perfect for weekend breakfast. https://www.mightymrs.com/recipe-items/cake-mix-cinnamon-bread/

CAKE MIX PUMPKIN BREAD https://www.babysavers.com/easy-pumpkin-bread-recipe/This easy pumpkin bread is a sweet bread made with cake mix, one can of pumpkin and a few other ingredients. It couldn’t get any easier, and it tastes delicious!

Cake Mix Candy & Treats

Chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie dough. Easy, delicious, and fun to eat!

https://www.backyard-bohemian.com/no-churn-cake-batter-ice-cream/This easy, creamy cake batter ice cream is prepared in minutes and is the perfect frozen summertime treat!

https://dancingthroughtherain.com/no-bake-truffles-with-whoppers-candy/ These No Bake Truffles with Whoppers are a fun and delicious dessert bite that are great for everyone!

https://erhardtseat.com/funfetti-cake-dip-recipe/This no bake Funfetti Cake Dip Recipe is quick and easy to make and loved by both kids and adults. Perfect for holidays and birthday parties!

Enjoy the goodness of s’mores without the campfire! These easy bars just take a few ingredients and hardly any prep. You’ll be enjoying your sweet treat in no time! https://www.cookingwithcarlee.com/2020/05/easy-cake-mix-smores-bars.html

https://easybudgetrecipes.com/cake-mix-peach-cobbler/ This Cake Mix Peach Cobbler recipe is easy to make and the perfect summer comfort food. It serves eight and costs $6.71 to make. That’s just 84¢ per serving.

You only need 3 ingredients to make this Dunkaroo Dip. Add graham crackers and cookies for dipping. Lots of sprinkles put the FUN in FUNfetti! https://sulaandspice.com/dunkaroo-dip-funfetti-cake-batter-dip/

https://emilyfabulous.com/cake-batter-rice-krispie-treats/ If you love rice Krispy Treats and you love to lick the spoon when you make a cake, you HAVE to try these Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats! It’s your favorite childhood treat, but with a twist…and sprinkles!

https://emilyfabulous.com/no-bake-cake-batter-mousse/ A super easy and fast No-Bake Cake Batter Mousse recipe that is ready in less than 10 minutes! You can top this “mousse” with any toppings you like and everyone will love it! If you love cake batter, whipped cream and delicious desserts, this recipe is for you!

Super easy 2 Ingredient Lemon Bars are mixed and baked in no time at all! It only takes a box of cake mix and some lemon creme filling to create these delightfully light and airy lemon bars! They’re perfect with a light dusting of confectioners sugar, and suitable for serving at any occasion! https://bakeitwithlove.com/2-ingredient-lemon-bars/

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