ValleyFair — Summer has begun!

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Valleyfair is the place to be for the summer! Hops and Hotdish was a fun event that we were thrilled to be able to attend.

Heading to Valleyfair is our family’s un-official kick-off to the summer and the perfect way to ring in a new summer. We got in the car and headed to Valleyfair for the Hotdish and Hops weekend. We love heading to Valleyfair for special events to get the perfect blend of attractions, rides, music, and food. Srsly…so fun!

I asked my family to help me create their list of Top 10’s about Valleyfair to share with you all…

Top 10 Reasons to visit Valleyfair this summer:

  1. Steel Venom
    The ride that Thrillseekers will love. Which is virtually any teenager :).
  2. NorthStar
    In our family, this is nicknamed “the tall spinning ride”. Surprisingly thrilling. Also quite high…which affords a great view of the park.
  3. Camp Snoopy
    Adorable for small ones. We just peek in and say awww but if you happen to have little’s you will appreciate Camp Snoopy!
  4. Soak City
    Valleyfair’s waterpark is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day and another fun alternative to traditional thrill rides. This was just opening when we visited but we will be heading back to Valleyfair to get a day in!
  5. Food
    There is a good variety of food stands for most diets (even a gluten-free stand) and an abundance of places to grab a bite to eat. We personally met Valleyfair’s executive chef and he was a super nice guy and passionate about his job. Check out the food!
  6. Music
    Live music is everywhere for all ages and genres. Acafella’s, the roaming singers, are our faves and we are always on the listen for where they are at.
  7. Mad Mouse
    This is my personal favorite ride and a must-do every time I visit. My kids say I’m lame. But they giggle and scream every time, too. Try it!
  8. The Wild Thing.
    Listen for the fun yee-haw at the beginning of the ride.
  9. The Wave
    Because, wet. If you have kids that have never been to Valleyfair have them “watch” the wave on the bridge. They will quickly be covered in water from “the wave”. It’s great fun! If it’s a cold day just remember to bring an extra change of clothes!
  10. High Roller
    This is Valleyfair’s oldest rollercoaster and was built in 1976 when the park first opened. Though its thrill factor has been surpassed by rides like the Power Tower, Xtreme Swing, or Steel Venom, it’s worth going on to get the “true” Valleyfair experience.


YouTube video
This was one of our favorite moments from this Valleyfair trip. Katie happened to capture Nate’s first bite of his first hotdish from the Hotdish and Hops event. You can tell from his face that bite was a winner!

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Make it a point to take your family to Valleyfair for family bonding over thrilling rides, fun music, good food, and making memories!


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