Kitchen De-Clutter roadmap

If you are like me, you probably find your kitchen getting cluttered on a regular basis even though you are often cleaning and organizing. Don't feel bad, it's the best possible problem to have. A kitchen often getting cluttered is a kitchen often being used. 

The best!

However, it can also feel a bit stressful working in a kitchen that is outgrowing its storage room. I know that in our culture the solution is often...get more storage. Add bins and storage solutions.

Let's assume that you are reading this because, for whatever reason, a good part of what is on NEllieBellie resonates with you.

Then you and I are not of the belief that more room or solutions are the answer. We know that the answer is to declutter and purge not to simply re-organize. These are the simple steps that I take every few months to declutter and purge my kitchen to make it a place I enjoy.

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I was about to start on this process this weekend and thought you might be able to find use out of the process I use for your kitchen. Often it's so nice to have someone else just tell us what to do, isn't it? This roadmap tells you what to do to declutter.  Easy. Simple. Effective.

If you get your kitchen decluttered, let me know. Head to my Facebook page and share a photo. I'd love to share your photo with others that need a bit of inspiration to get started. Or they need a bit of inspiration to get rid of stuff versus organize it!


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