Grandma’s Strawberry Homemade Shortcake Recipe

In partnership with Driscoll’s, we bring you my Grandma’s homemade Strawberry Shortcake recipe.
We use their delicious berries to #BerryTogether and create delicious memories! 
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strawberry shortcake recipe. Old-fashioned biscuits with sweet strawberries and homemade whipping cream.

My Grandma’s homemade Strawberry Shortcake recipe is wrapped up in memories for me. Memories as a child heading to her home and watching her bake up the little treats. Memories of heading out with her and my siblings to pick the wild strawberries she would use for the sweet topping. Memories of eating that scrumptious treat in her kitchen. I would laugh at my siblings for getting whipping cream on their nose, and they would make fun of my strawberry red fingers.

And now, I love that my children want to create the same recipe each and every summer. The biscuit recipe is the same recipe she used. Not sweet, not super buttery. Just simple, old-fashioned baking powder biscuits topped with fresh sliced strawberries and homemade whipping cream…amazingly straightforward and delicious! Always homemade whipping cream my grandma would insist. Gosh, she would be horrified to even see a can or tub of that in my home.

Driscoll's Strawberries

I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Driscoll’s strawberries this summer and bring you all my Grandma’s homemade strawberry shortcake recipe! I hope that you make your very own special family memories around this same recipe. Roll out the biscuit dough and let your children cut their biscuits. Teach them that a simple splash of balsamic vinegar and sugar is all the sweet Driscoll strawberries need to create a magical topping for the biscuit they just made. And, for goodness sake, teach them how to make real whipped cream! The kind using real cream, real sugar, and a good whipping. I cheat and pull out the hand mixer. But my Grandma…she would whip up that cream by hand. I thought she was fantastic!

strawberry shortcake recipe

In those small moments of creating this time-honored recipe, precious memories pass from one generation to the next. From my grandma to me and then to my children. And now, I hope, from my grandma to you, and then to your family. Food isn’t just about filling our bellies; it can be about so much more. Food can be a way we fill our homes with memories and love and tradition.

To get the delicious details for my grandmother’s homemade strawberry shortcake recipe click here.

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