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Front Porch Updates and DIY Address Sign

If you are looking for inexpensive and easy ways to update your front entry...I've got you. Here are a few ideas that all come in under $30 each. Or, combine some for a major change!

Anthro Hack: DIY Ceramic Vases

Update vases to mimic their more expensive counterparts with only a bit of paint, baking soda, and a Sharpie. Take your mismatched, cheap vases and turn them into beautiful, high-end textured vases. Recently I was doing a bit of online browsing and ran across these vases that

Refresh your Sofa with these quick hacks

I've got 5 easy steps to update your tired couch with some fresh life and color. A bit of time, energy, and a very small budget will make a huge impact in your space!

Hi DIY Doormat --no crafting skills needed!

Personalize a cheap outdoor entry rug with spray paint and tape into a fun, colorful, long lasting entry rug! No crafty skills or hard materials needed! Part of the 30 for $30 series.

How to Make Floral Potpourri Yourself

Gather the petals and leaves from your flowering plants this summer, dry them out, and save them to make a delightful homemade potpourri that will make the house smell amazing until it is time to collect fresh flowers, again! Equipment needed to make potpourri: Wide mouth canning

DIY coffee table - finished

DIY Coffee Table

Creating this DIY coffee table was WAY easier than I thought it would be! Here's how you can make one, too...

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