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the Easiest Gingerbread Cookies recipe

These gingerbread cookies are delicious and one of the easiest recipes to make. We adore gingerbread cookies around here, because they never fail to make us feel warm & cozy, happy & healthy, & full of joy! This recipe is tried and true with a good snap

gingerbread tree is easy to make with stacked gingerbread cookies and frosting

Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Tree

This gingerbread Christmas tree is much, much easier than a gingerbread house. A fun and easy holiday craft for kids to make!

The Ultimate List of Christmas Cookies for Kids to Make

This list of Christmas Cookies to make with kids features lots of no-bake options, and easy recipes perfect for little ones to make by themselves or with light supervision. Get the kids in the kitchen making Christmas Cookies!

Caramel Cookie Cup - a family favorite!

Are you looking for an easy Christmas cookie? These sugar cookie cups are filled with creamy caramel sauce for a delicious and easy cookie! Top them with a bit of sea salt for a perfect flavor combo.

Jam Thumbprint Cookie recipe

Thumbprint cookies are a Christmas cookie classic that are baked and frozen in mass quantities in preparation for the Holidays. These easy and tasty cookies are such a favorite that I carve out a few hours on a weekend to bake up a batch.

Royal Icing Recipe

When it comes to decorating roll-out sugar cookies, royal icing trumps all other forms of icing for looks, storage, and ease of use. This recipe doesn't use meringue powder, takes very little time to make, and will be your go-to icing recipe!

Fool-Proof No-Chill Sugar Cookies (great for a GF option!)

Easy, fool-proof sugar cookies that don't require any chilling time before you roll them out. Best part is that they are tasty tasty tasty! These are great for decorated Christmas Cookies! Use my easy Royal Icing for the BEST Roll-out Sugar Cookies! This recipe is also amazing

Old-fashioned peanut butter cookies

3 ingredient peanut butter cookies

This peanut butter cookie recipe uses only 3 ingredients. They are just like the classic, old-fashioned peanut butter cookie recipe you love but they are gluten-free and oh so easy to make!

Citrus Linzer Cookies

That recipe title...gah! Honestly, I have no idea what these cookies should be called. They are mostly linzer cookies ... this is true. But they aren't. The cookies are cream cheese roll-out sugar cookies charmingly cut to be the caretakers of a lovely dollop of leftover jam.

a collection of the easiest, best classic cookie recipes

Classic Cookie Recipes

If you plan to do a lot of baking for Christmas, be sure to check out our tips for freezing cookies.  So helpful!  Oatmeal cookies are a classic, and these chocolate chip ones are the perfect classic cookie recipe to make all year round.  Get the full

gluten-free peanut butter blossoms are simple and delicious. They have just a few ingredients, and are great for everyone.

easy Peanut Butter Blossoms

Is there a more traditional holiday cookie recipe than the Peanut Butter blossom? We sure don't think so! Peanut butter blossoms come in so many variations and flavors. You can use peppermint kisses, peanut butter cups, Rolo's (try our Caramel Rolo PB cookies), or stars. You can

quick tips for freezing Christmas cookies, freezing baked cookies, freezing cookie dough, freezing cookies, From nelliebellie.com

How to freeze cookies

Freezing cookie dough is a fantastic idea (and a great gift idea, as well!) because it allows you to have fresh-baked cookies without a lot of fuss. Granted, it's not AS fast as freezing cookies that you've already baked, but it's still a great method! “We are

The Best Molasses Cookie recipe, you'll use it again and again! | nelliebellie.com

the BEST Molasses cookies

Usually Nellie makes the recipes around here.  She comes up with ideas like Ginger Apple Cookies and Butternut Cake, figures out how to make them, and then wows everyone with how delicious the recipes are.  I mean, who doesn't love a sugar-free Butternut Cake?  But once in

Classic 3-Ingredient Shortbread Cookies

classic shortbread cookies.

Can a person love a sweet? If it's possible, then I'm in love with homemade shortbread cookies. They are all sorts of wonderful, sweet, perfect, easy to make, and melt in your mouth fabulous!! The best part is that a single shortbread recipe will get you several

how to make sugar cookie gift tags

Just make sure you don’t set these presents with Sugar Cookie  gift tags on top of each other. Broken sugar cookie tags would be sad. Talk about a way to ruin a Christmas. Anyways, I’m a simple wrapper kind of girl. Either pretty paper and a sharpie

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