deep-dish Spinach Parmesan Pizza (GF)

gluten-free-parmesan-spinach-pizzaIn my grand plans for this post I was going to make up at least three different variations of a deep dish gluten free pizza. Different toppings, maybe different crusts, and definitely different sauces.

Image-1(1)And then I made my favorite version. The one that I personally make again, and again.

And I threw my plans out the window.

Why, you ask? Aren't websites like NellieBellie only going to make it if they flood their readers and the internet at large with copious amounts of information? True. Mostly. For others. But, not here. We believe in giving you VALUABLE information, not just lots. If I am on the journey toward a more minimal lifestyle, myself, with less information to consume, less merchandise to purchase, less of everything then why on earth would I treat my readers any less than I would want to be treated .. right!

So I stopped at my very favorite, most used, deep-dish gluten free pizza. Cause I believe it will be the only one you will need.



  • Gluten-free Pizza Dough mix
  • about 1 cup Fresh baby Spinach
  • about 1.5 cups prepared Spinach Dip
  • 8-16 oz of Parmesan cheese

tastefully-simple-gluten-free-pizza-crustgluten-free-spinach-parm-pizza gluten-free-spinach-parmesean-pizza spinach-and-parmesean-gluten-free-pizza

 To Do:

  1. Preheat oven according to dough package directions.
  2. Prepare the dough mix according to the package directions. Do not pre-bake (many gluten-free crusts ask for a partial bake prior to putting on the toppings.
  3. Spread the spinach dip on first.
  4. Top with fresh spinach.
  5. Top with Parmesan cheese.
  6. Heat on burner for 3-4 minutes with heat on med-high heat.
  7. Bake in oven according to dough directions (usually about 25 minutes at 350degrees)

spinach-parmesean-pizza-gluten-freeGluten-Free Crust Tips:

  • Deep-dish pizza's are a gluten-free pizza crusts friend. The support of the pan helps the crust stay together.
  • Do not over-mix the dough. It will be tempting. Instead, use the time of pressing the dough into the pan to help finish the mixing.
  • For deep-dish pizza's, the bit of time on the stove-top prior to baking helps your crust get nice and crispy on the bottom. The pan starts off hot instead of having to slowly heat while baking.
  • Spray the bottom of your pizza pan well. Even if you are using a non-stick pan, spray the pan. Gluten-free crusts are notorious for being a bit soggy on the bottom. That spray will help it crisp up.
  • If you are using a homemade gluten-free crust, put the dough in the fridge for a few hours prior to making your pizza. Just be sure to take it out about an hour before needed. This time in the fridge will help your dough rest and work better.

spinach-and-parmesan-gluten-free-pizzaTopping Ideas:

  • Artichokes! (we do these often.)
  • Chicken! (and this)
  • Bacon! (okay, this too.)
  • Roasted Onions! (srsly, can you tell we like this pizza.)
  • Mushrooms. Of all kinds.
  • Cherry tomatoes, cut in half.
  • Regular tomatoes, sliced.
  • Fresh herbs
  • Goat cheese, mozzarella cheese
  • Pears, figs, and peaches (don't judge... it's really tasty!)
  • Sprouts. (this is my personal fave, my kids ... not so much)

I'm thinking that if your home is gluten-free that you will be SOOOO thankful to know how to crank out a gluten-free pizza that is seriously BETTER than any pizzeria version out there. I know I am. Pizza and a movie for family night is something this family doesn't mess around with. When momma calls for a family movie night y'all better be in attendance, kids ... or else. True, having tasty pizza doesn't make it too much of a hardship.

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  1. Laura (Lolli) Franklin

    This pizza looks incredible! Spinach is my favorite vegetable, so that's a huge plus for me. Also Cheese. Yum!

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