S’more Coffee Recipe

smores coffee recipe. Marshmallow, chocolate, and coffee with a hint of graham. Delicious!
Hey ya!! It’s Saturday folks (well, maybe not TODAY, the day you read this. But it is TODAY, the day I write this!)! Not any Saturday, even. The last Saturday before school ends!! The last weekend of managing event, chores AND homework. I’m excited, but I’m pretty sure my 12 year old and 17 year old are that much more excited. So today, we present this S’more Coffee Recipe.

Okay sure, I think I’m more excited for them than myself. I’m a bit uneasy about how I’m going to manage working from home with them hanging and lollygaging about. A whole lot of activities may need to happen. Those of you with kids at home in the summer AND working from home need to give me some tips! Lots of them or I think I will be incessantly interrupted by “I’m Bored”. This will be me.. “No, you may not watch t.v. if it’s nice outside. Video games aren’t allowed either. No, your phone isn’t either. I know you want to talk to your friends… call them or text during electronic hours.” All. The. Summer.!
smore-coffee-ingredientsWhy did I start talking about summer and kids and school? Gah!

Oh yes… S’mores and coffee.

This coffee will remind you of all the good parts of summer AND is coffee. With your kids at home you might be needing a lot more coffee than normal.

You can be certain that a few times this summer you will pulling out this S’mores Coffee recipe and enjoying your cup of coffee a WHOLE LOT!

You probably had to stop in that paragraph and wonder what could be a bad part of summer? Let me tell ya! 1. Bored kids. 2. Mosquitos (We live in MN. Nuff said.) 3. Humidity! (I frizz.)

Heck, you’ll probably even include the kids when you enjoy this coffee. S’more coffee needs to be shared. And my 17 and 12 year olds have an unhealthy love of coffee at an early age. Yes, I realize it comes from my parenting. No, I’m not feeling bad. Yes, I realize it’s bad for them. So is stress :). Coffee takes away stress. Therefore I am a GOOD parent when I give them coffee :).

I’ll be enjoying this S’more coffee recipe with my family. How about you? What is your favorite drink, people, and place in your home? Take a few minutes to enjoy it!


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  1. My four year old also loves coffee. He used to put his num (binky) it mine and his dad’s when he was little. Now when I make my coffee on Saturday mornings, he needs his! We make him hot chocolate but he calls it “his coffee”. I will be trying this right now!!! Thanks

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