to my kitchen!

Comfort food, homemade cakes, camp crafts, and Tupperware are favorites around here.

If you won’t apologize for feeding your family a big ol’ casserole and chocolate cake at least once a week, I think this is the place for you!

Janel Hutton from NellieBellie


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Santa hat brownies

These cute Christmas Santa Hat brownies are so easy and fun to make! Kids love making and eating these!

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Learn a new skill, a quick hack, or a homemade staple. Learn to Cook anything from pasta to coffee syrup.

How to Make the Best Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Until I was an adult I thought cranberry sauce came shaped like a tin can and had ridges in it. I most likely had homemade cranberry sauce somewhere and didn’t realize what it was. My brain would have processed it as coming from a different brand of canned stuff. That was all I knew. This isn’t that. But it is almost as easy!

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From the

Blueberry Muffins

Hey my dear, fabulous readers! Happy Monday! I have a great blogger guest posting today! Chrissy from The Taylor House has some yummy, yummy muffins.

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Dining room bench, an easy re-do from

$86.66 Dining Room makeover!

After a weekend of smelling fumes and sore shoulders, the dining room makeover is finished far sooner then I expected!  And I am so pleased!

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DIY Ipad/E-reader sleeve

Let’s talk about Ipad’s and e-readers…shall we? I have both an Ipad and Sony e-reader that I love. And carry around. In my purse. I

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DIY Skeleton Bat Costume

This is a simple Skeleton Bat costume utilizing a skeleton jogging set, black felt, and white fabric paint. Simple enough for anyone to accomplish, and

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teen subway word art, a simple diy. This project is a great way to add more personality to a teen's room without the expense.

how to make Subway word art.

This article is one of our oldest…so the photos are lacking in skill (okay…they just stink!)…but we still think this project has value and people

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