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redcow1Many of you know my sister Lanet that works here on NellieBellie with me (shown here on the left) but let me introduce another little sister, Tessa (right side). She’s number eight of us ten and just as much of a firecracker as the rest of us girls are. It was fantastic that she was able to join us on our latest night out with our girls. She is making the move to Stillwater to be near us. Smart or stupid we have yet to figure out. But it will be fun!!

I am absolutely blessed beyond compare to work with a great team of ladies; let me just declare that right now. Not only do I work with my best friend and sister, Lanet, I also get to spend time and energy with our  lovely contributors. We have three ladies that write for us on a regular basis and lucky enough…they are all from Minnesota. This is completely on purpose for very selfish reasons…

I get to force them to spend time with me.

Ha! Meetings at coffee shops, work dinners at delicious restaurants, group PR events (hopefully lots at Mall of America! :)), and all sorts of excuses can be found to “work” with these ladies. I intend to use up every one of these excuses as many times as they will allow.

Our most recent team meeting took place at the fabulous Red Cow in the north loop of Minneapolis, MN. This is the most recent (early February 2015) Red Cow to open in the Twin Cities  and we couldn’t be more thrilled for the new addition! We are fans of the other two Red Cow locations and are excited to see Red Cow add a third location to their line-up.

P.S. As of us writing this, the new location isn’t in Google Maps so be careful when getting directions.

Because I’m a Stillwater, MN girl, I tend to head to the St.Paul Red Cow location because it is the closest to me by quite a chunk. But it was fantastic to have a reason to head to the swanky North Loop Minneapolis area and Yeah Baby! does this new location deliver on the North Loop vibe that we have come to expect!

For those of you not local to Minneapolis, the North Loop is a trendy and artsy locale of the Twin Cities and a must stop for foodie visits. And because of its fun, fresh vibe it is one of our favorite places to discover new restaurants and shops.


Can we be truthful for a minute here? Our absolute favorite part of this new location is the wine bar, signature cocktails, and beer menu. If you want a high class place to get great burgers and drinks, this is the place. Can we be extra, extra truthful for a minute here? I struggle to find a place that has cocktails as good as my expectations. I expect cocktails to be as posh and elegant as all the movies and often they don’t live up to it. Red Cow has posh, elegant cocktails as good as my movie life expects!

And if Ian, the mixologist, is behind the bar…plan on grabbing a cab because you will want to try every. single. cocktail. For real.

We sat up at the bar and watched Ian mix up a storm, plop the delicious drinks in front of us, and proceed to tell us the details of the drinks while we tasted. I think every drink got passed around to everyone. Surely not a sanitary practice, but we were among friends and wanted to try every. single. one. Besides, Alice and Nicki have kids so they have all the germs anyways.

If you have a group of friends to go with make a night of cocktail tasting. You get to try all your faves without paying the cost of all of them!

This Red Cow location is also very proud of their wine storage system. With good reason. This high-tech system allows them to open an expensive bottle of wine and serve a single GLASS. Guys, for me, this is epic stuff! A bottle of wine is an awful expensive endeavor never mind that I can only handle about half a bottle. But this system allows their guests to try an expensive glass without the cost of the whole bottle. Score!

How is your wine tolerance? I have friends that can wipe out a bottle in no time without feeling a bit. Me, 1/2 a glass and I’m sleeping on the floor. Wine tours are a waste of money for me…every. time.



If you are one of those people that sends us an email or message chatting up how we should come to your restaurant or shop to see what we think let me give you a tip…

I like casual places that are really really good and don’t take themselves seriously. Do what you do WELL, enjoy it, show passion, and I’ll be more than happy to take my crew over and check it out. On you of course :).

Red Cow North Loop stays true to the Red Cow brand; it is casual, classy, clever, and delicious. The menu is traditional burger joint food with an upgrade. A serious upgrade. Your cheeseburger is hand formed from the finest meat around, topped with a handmade aoli, and that cheese?

Well, it’s probably some fancy kind you haven’t heard of, but they aren’t afraid to serve up caramel puff corn for an appetizer (my fave!). Whomever makes the menu loves food and loves feeding people. We appreciate people with passion for what they do because I love food and love eating food! Match made in heaven.

Joe, general manager of Red Cow, and I chatting about food. Really, what else do people chat about?

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4 thoughts on “Out and About: Red Cow North Loop”

  1. Exactly! I would complain about it but usually it’s such a lovely way to relax :). Better than Nyquil.

  2. I’m with you on the 1/2 glass of wine. Talk about relaxed! Everyone else is finishing their glass and I’m laying with my head on the table half asleep or sitting with my eyes shut listening to the world turn around me.

  3. Yep, 50th and France is Edina. We call it that too. Did we misname it somewhere? I hope not. And yes, when there is something in BOTH cities I always have to clarify which one. I’m inevitably the one that heads to the wrong place :)

  4. Love it! I went to an engagement party and once had a “oops I”m in st. paul, and ya’ll are in Minneapolis moment” (and side note, i call the 50th and France area Edina, not mInneapolis, but that’s not the point). Anyways, love red cow! I think I had their grilled cheese and tomato soup and it was fantastic!

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