over 60 Dinner Recipes that Require almost No Clean-up

Because doing dishes is the last thing you want to do after cooking a delicious meal, these easy recipes make short work of clean-up. With over 60 one-pot, sheet-pan, and slow-cooker recipes you never have to look for another recipe, again!

Bookmark this page, print out your favorite recipes, and make your life easier with these easy clean-up recipes!

Sheet Pan Recipes

Recipes that employ only a sheet pan for cooking are amazing and God's gift to busy families! Use parchment paper to line the cooking sheet for even EASIER clean-up. Truly, these sheet pan dinners are delicious and easy to make...you'll never look for another recipe again!

One Pot Recipes

Why make recipes requiring multiple pans and dishes when these easy and oh so yummy recipes are available? With so many recipes, you will never run out of an easy and fast recipe for those busy weekdays!

Looking for more one-pot or sheet-pan recipes? We have a whole GIANT PINTEREST BOARD filled with the most amazing recipes available!

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