Toilet Tube Haystack Name Cards

Make Thanksgiving place cards out of toilet paper rolls. A easy, fun toilet paper tube craft for the fall! #kidscrafts #fall #craft #recycledcraft

Aren’t those the cutest Thanksgiving place cards you ever did see?? These are an easy, inexpensive idea for your fall table. You can get these made up very easily in a few minutes and they add so much to your parties and events. And, because of how easy they are they make a perfect craft idea for children.

But really…toilet tubes?

Yep! If this freaks you out you could simply use brown paper or cardboard and create that roll shape. OR…cut little strips of brown paper and use the twine to bundle them together in the haystack shape.

Let’s get to the tutorial:

haystack step1
haystack step4


  • paper tubes (1 per namecard)
  • colored twine
  • tags (you can cut these out of paper if you like)
haystack step2
haystacks step3

Step 1:

Cut your cardboard tube in half (the long way).

Step 2:

Cut small slits into each end of your cardboard tube (do not cut all the way to the middle). These make the tops and bottoms of your “haystack”.

haystacks step5

Step 3:

Roll your tube up fairly tightly. The tighter you roll the more your tops and bottoms can bend over.

haystacks step6

Step 4:

Wrap the center of your bundle in colored twine.

haystacks step7

Step 5:

If you like, slit the very tips of your “hay” a second time to make them look frayed. Just the tips.

Make Thanksgiving place cards out of toilet paper rolls. A easy, fun toilet paper tube craft for the fall! #kidscrafts #fall #craft #recycledcraft

Now all you need to do is attach your little tag to your haystack and you have the cutest little Thanksgiving place cards for your table!

If you have trouble with these haystacks standing upright press out the bottoms a bit. This should help.

Our nametag we purchased in the wrapping section at our local store. We used a Sharpie to add a little bit of “stiching” around the edges. We tied ours on with natural twine, but your bakers twine would be just as effective. Or if you prefer, use the natural twine for the middle AND the tag.

Save this project to your Pinterest board for later…

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