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Do you ever feel that your world is running a bit too fast and a bit too chaotic for you to have meaningful conversations and moments with your friends and family? I have a suggestion…


No, really. Our culture is over-connected and it is harming our relationships. We are losing our ability to be present and participate in what is currently happening to us. We allow ourselves to be pulled away from our surroundings with the next message, social post, or phone call. Perhaps, like me, you refuse to answer your phone during certain hours. Or perhaps you put your phone on silent during dinner. I hope you have these sort of safeguards in place for your life.

I would take it one step further and ask you to completely disconnect and reconnect with your friends and family. And, in honor of National Day of Unplugging coming up on March 3 and 4 (yes, they think it is so important they extended it to 2 full days!!)  I have the BEST way to do that…

Disconnect to Reconnect!Paint and Sip. Disconnect. Talk.

I recently went to Pinot’s Palette with a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in over a year. We put our phones away, pulled out our paintbrushes, grabbed a glass of wine, and spent the next several hours being creative and having conversation. Those three hours were wonderful. And I want to recreate them with EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. I value.

If you aren’t familiar with Pinot’s Palette, this is what they say they are all about…

Time with our friends and loved ones is valuable and we are all about providing an extraordinary experience.


Well shoot, me too!

And we did have an extraordinary experience. We spent several hours painting and drinking. We managed to come out of the evening with beautiful paintings that aren’t terrible. This was mostly due to the fact that they have an artist that walks you step by step through the creation of the painting. Step by step is a good thing, for me. In part, because I have zero painting ability but also because it keeps you focused on creating the image. You don’t reach for your phone because you are too busy painting and drinking and talking. True, we stashed our phones in our purses so we wouldn’t even be tempted. But I was still astonished to realize how quickly the evening went.

This was my end result, a cute image that is far from technically perfect. In fact, it isn’t even very good. But I made it. Me. The girl that can’t paint a picture to save her soul. And I did it with a good friend with conversation and wine flowing freely.

I will be heading to Pinot’s Palette again. With my daughter. With my husband. With my sisters. Heck, any of you that want to do a special meet-up…let’s go! If you live near a Pinot’s Palette…sign-up and get into a class.

But, be sure to do me and yourself a HUGE favor. Shut off your phone and disconnect for those hours. You will be so glad you did!


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