berry Juice Box Valentines (free printable)

Can you believe we are coming up on Valentine’s Day again? Didn’t that just happen yesterday? Geesh this year went fast! If you have kids in elementary school you are realizing that soon you will need to make a last minute rush to find those Valentine’s for the entire classroom. And, if you have THAT teacher, it can’t be candy. “Please bring a pre-packaged, non-candy Valentine for 24 students.”

I have zero problem with non-candy. I prefer it. For giving to my kid. But NOT giving to your kid. Cause it makes it so much harder to get those classroom Valentine’s for that many kids without costing an arm and a leg. And, of course, keeping it somewhat “cool”. (Wait until they get to the older grades and that is REALLY hard to do!).

This little printable for a Juice Box Valentine will save your year. At least the classroom Valentine part of it.

Head to the store and grab a package of berry (cherry, if you can find it) flavored juice boxes. From one mom to another…get the organic kind, if you can. That just matters to some people.

Print out this printable (x3 if you are doing 24 kids) and tape the printable on to the juicebox. Done!


Don’t forget to have your child sign their name at the bottom (yes, I have totally forgotten this step before).

right-click the image, download, and print. 


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