“Orbit” gum Valentine with free printable

Remember, if printing and sticking gum on to these Valentine’s is still too much work for you right now…buy Valentine’s. Especially the ones with sugar attached :). Sure, you might get some dirty looks for being “that mom”. But your kid’s will love that you aren’t stressing and crazy. And their classmates will love that they finally got something good.

Our “into Orbit” Valentines are pretty darn cheesy, if I don’t say so myself. Cheese Louise.  But they are simple, fast, and great!  See, procrastination on getting those classroom Valentine’s done isn’t a problem anymore.

Free printable for these adorable "You send my heart into Orbit" gum Valentines cards for kids. 

I know, I know–you can say it–the CUTEST, cheesiest Valentine you ever did see. Gosh.

And to make your life even easier as you scramble, we’ve included a free printable.  Now you just need to run out to the store and get paper, ink, double sided tape, and gum.  Dang it anyway.  Well, we tried to make this easier for you, at least.  Too bad you still have to do some work! But hey…it gives you an excuse to head to Target!

This printable will give you 4 Valentines per sheet.  We suggest using cardstock, if you can. And then stick your Orbit gum onto the Valentine with good sturdy double-stick tape.

(to print click on the image and save to your computer)

orbit valentine printable

Happy Cheesy Valentines day to you and yours!! What ideas have you used in the past for your kids? Extra points if you’ve got great ideas for boys! They can be so hard to do Valentines cards for!

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  1. I don’t think they are cheesy at all! I love them! My kids and I love coming up with different sayings and words for our valentines each year! It is so much fun and you nailed this one, girl! Great idea!

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