my Do It Yourself Kitchen Island with concrete countertops

Can you just give me a hug, right about now? Because I am sooooo excited to have the kitchen island built and organized this New Year. This Do It Yourself Kitchen Island is a beast of a girl and took a lot of hard work, creativity, and patience. Yes, it was totally worth it! This…

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Old-fashioned Brownie Recipe

You and I both know that as good as we are eating clean on most days of the week, we need a good old-fashioned brownie every once in a while to make life worth living. Yes, that is dramatic. Brownies deserve drama. THESE brownies are the ones you want to make the next day your…

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berry Juice Box Valentines (free printable)

These valentine’s are so easy to make thanks to the free printable. Attach the cute printable to a juice box and you are done! Makes a great non-candy classroom valentine.