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What do you make when your budget is tight, your time is limited, and you just don't have the energy to be creative? We've got you! These recipes are budget-saving, easy, and delicious recipes straight from accessible pantry ingredients.

Question? ...

Is your grocery budget feeling really tight these days? Are you, like so many of us, finding your dollar isn't stretching as far at the grocery store? Like, when did a carton of eggs get so expensive? Are you spending so much time thinking about how to stretch the budget that any attempt at creating yummy, creative meals goes out the window? Mac & cheese or pizza are on repeat a few more days than they ever used to be and you really are too frustrated to do much about it.

What Can You Do About It?

We bring you the P.B.R. Series (Pantry Budget Rescue). I hope you find these recipes as delicious, budget-friendly, and easy to make as I have in the last many months as my family has struggled to keep our grocery budget under control during a pandemic and life stuff. I needed these recipes and I hope you will find them useful, too.

What kind of recipes can you expect?

You can expect over 24 recipes over the next 12 weeks made with easy-to-find, easy on the budget, pantry ingredients. I promise they will also be delicious, easy to make, and your whole family will love!

You'll find slow-cooker recipes, nutritious recipes, comfort food, quick & easy, vegetarian, quick prep, and more. All kinds of recipes for all kinds of families all absolutely yummy and guaranteed to be on repeat!

Y'all, these recipes are all created by me, in my kitchen, and tested on my own family many times. You should also know that each recipe has:

Been tested by another member of my staff to make sure the recipe is tasty and easy to understand.
A couple of other of our recipe testers have tested the recipe for taste, ease of making the recipe, and budget-friendly. We have a group of recipe testers from multiple locations across the country, various diets, family sizes, and budgets...using this group is totally a game-changer to make sure you are getting the best recipe possible!
My family will eat leftovers multiple times...the recipe is THAT good!

Why do you need a backpocket of PBR recipes?

Last fall I was putting away my InstaCart delivery for the week and, after everything had been put away, was looking at the order certain I hadn't gotten everything I had ordered. HOW had that small amount of groceries cost that much?

I went to our Facebook post and asked our readers what they spend on groceries each month. I wanted to see if I was just a cheapskate.

It turns out that EVERYONE was frustrated with how much over their budgets were going. There were completely differing budgets, for sure, but the same complaint was there...groceries are getting expensive!

And you know what grabbed my heart and motivated me to get this series together?

Families were already struggling with their grocery budgets BEFORE the prices skyrocketed.
Mama's are at maximum stress levels about keeping their family's healthy, especially those families with already limited resources.
Fresh food can be difficult and expensive to obtain, especially during these last months.
EVERYONE deserves to be able to make their family's nutritious, tasty meals regardless of their budget.

These recipes are fun to eat, easy to make, and totally accessible. You can know that FOR SURE you can find the ingredients you need (probably already in your pantry!) and they won't cost your firstborn. Some of the recipes use prepared ingredients to keep it easy...we aren't too fancy around here that we can't pull out help! I do everything I can to keep the dishes at a minimum, even suggesting aluminum pans in some recipes. Your family will have a happy, full belly and you'll feel calmer and less stressed... all from making a recipe. It's truly the little things :).

Who is this series for?

I designed this series for those of us that are stressing out a bit about our budgets, who aren't too pretentious to reach for prepared ingredients, love a bit of comfort food, and are willing to mix up their usual menus.

How do I get the recipes in this series?

You'll see these recipes coming out here on NellieBellie over the next 12 weeks. Check back fairly often for the newest recipe.

AND, sign up for the NellieBellie Email Community to get every recipe sent to your inbox. BOOM... you won't miss a single recipe. Best part... I'll have them sent to you in the morning so you can make the recipe for supper :).

Follow our Instagram and Facebook Page to see when the recipes drop.

We got this!

I'm so excited to share these recipes with you because it's been wonderful developing them for my own family...and I hope you find them to be super useful for your family, as well.

Let's whip those grocery budgets into shape!

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