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Cranberry moscow mule recipe. Easy to make and so pretty to serve! Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and turn this into a festive dessert!

Bucket List of Holiday Cocktails

Tis the season for holiday cocktails! One of my favorite things about the winter season is all the great festive drinks. There's so many to choose from! Personally I'm a fan of anything with rum and would love to put a post together of all the holiday

10 quick bathroom updates | Small Space Decorating

Are you feeling like your bathroom is getting a bit dingy lately but you just don't have the time, energy, or money to do a full update? Maybe you can't imagine finding the time to pull out the paint brush? We hear ya! Today we have 10

40+ ways for a busy mom to relax

Today I have a fun, quick printable for you! We have over 40 ways for busy moms to relax and unwind from their busy days and lives. We know from personal experience that grabbing a few minutes to let the stress of the day escape can be

20 cleaning hacks every busy mom should know and bust out when needed!

20 Cleaning Hacks for busy moms

If you are a busy mom managing a household, family, job, and your own non-existent free time than you don't have time for cleaning. And, if you are lucky enough to have a housekeeper to come in once or twice a month the odds are good that

simple tips that can help you save money on groceries without cutting coupons!

How to Save Money on Groceries: 10 Easy Tips (No Coupons Necessary!)

One eternal question I ask myself as a mom with a family to feed is how to save on groceries. Everyone wants to cut their monthly grocery bill, but for most of us, stockpiling coupons just doesn’t cut it. If only saving money on groceries were as easy as pulling out a pair of scissors! After collecting thirty coupons and only saving $4 on a mountain of groceries, it seems like those Saturday morning clipping sessions just don’t pan out. Whether you assemble an army of miniature helpers—aka your kids—or you slave away solo it’s time to stop cutting coupons, and start outsmarting the system so you can really start saving on groceries.

These 10 tips are a surefire way to help you bring your monthly food expenses down.

How to Connect with Your Kids This Holiday Season

How to Connect with Your Kids this Busy Holiday Season

During the holidays, some of our fondest memories are formed. We share gifts, company, good food and lots of laughter. We eat together, watch our favorite movies, and make a deliberate effort to spend as much time as humanly possible with our families. Central to this holiday theme is the creation of fun, magic, and love. We want our kids to feel cherished, to know that they are appreciated as the special beings that they are. In lots of ways, they are our own miracles, and the end of the year always reminds us that we need to make them more of a focal point in our lives.

Here's how to connect with your kids this busy holiday season...

While a toy-free Christmas might not work for everyone, it can be a great chance to teach life-long values to your children in this season of giving!

The Argument for a Toy-Free Christmas

Are you thinking of reducing the amount of toys and stuff you gift your children this Christmas? Let me help convince you of why this is a GREAT decision!

holiday stress relievers

10 Holiday Stress Relievers (Give Your Family the Gift of a Better You!)

We all need some extra time for rejuvenation during the holiday season. No matter how peaceful your family is, the added traffic, end-of-the-year shopping, and barrage of deadlines means that we could all use some extra time to chill. However, finding that happy place—between vegging out at

14 ways to beat the holiday stress.

Beat holiday stress in 14 easy steps.

Beat the holiday stress in 14 easy steps. These are great, small ways that you can reduce stress without alot of time and energy! Did you know that smelling citrus boosts your mood-improving hormones? Read on for more fun tricks..

Professional Cake Baking Tips

Do you have a local baker or bakery that is out of this world amazing? We do. Ours is the Amazing Amy from Amy's Cupcake Shoppe out of Minnetonka, MN. She's incredible and amazing. I'm seeing how many times I can insert the word amazing in this

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