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If your home is anything like mine, you do a lot of laundry in a given week. Laundry is something that unites all families the world over. We all have dirty clothes, don't we. Right now my laundry pile is a bit larger than normal all thanks to that cutie in the pic above. She's cute, for sure. But the little stinker decided my favorite throw was her own. My soft pink blanket that resides on the end of MY bed (not hers!) is her favorite and I repeatedly find her laying on it, pushing it around to get it just right, and even chewing her bone on it.

Frankly, I've had to take care of worse "puppy" stains than just a little flattening. I'm sure you can imagine what happens when you are working on potty training a puppy. Or, when she goes running through the mud and jumps excitedly. All puppy things that will pass but in the meantime... Biz will be working overtime. Thank goodness it works is all I can say!

It's all sorts of flat, nasty, and gross.

I use Biz stainfighter to boost my laundry. It's a quick and easy way to save yourself time and energy in the laundry room with using Biz as a booster. I primarily add a cap-ful to my towels and whites and once a month or so I add it to every load for a couple days. Just add the cap-ful at the same time as the detergent... easy! Adding the booster absolutely keeps my towels a bit brighter, my whites whiter, and keeps me having to buy new ones simply from them getting dingy. Biz contains more stain fighting and I really appreciate that!

After living in an apartment where we shared a laundry room with the other tenants, this little laundry room is a blessing!

And, there she goes again with my blanket! See how soft and bright it is after the washing with Biz. It really looks so much better. I'm sure I'll be doing it again soon, with her stealing it so often.

But really, I'm not going to be the one to take it from her. She loves it so and a puppy in a blanket is about as cute as it gets. Especially if that blanket is now bright, soft, and clean!

There's my time-saving tip for the day ... use Biz for a laundry booster.

If you would like to pick up a bottle of Biz for your laundry room I do have a coupon so you can save $1 on Biz.

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