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Heck YES! I want to be part of the super fun gang of people interested in getting in the kitchen and having FUN!

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  1. @MommaHen
    Aren't the cheeks funny. Made my day! The pie wasn't really too hard. Obviously, canned pumpkin is easier. But, nothing like making the real thing. I LOVE my new design! Thanks for noticing!

  2. I have a few things to say: first, I LLOVE that he put "cheeks" on the pumpkin. HHHAAAHA! That is SO like my son! Second, I've always heard it was really hard to make pumpkin pie (cakes, muffins, etc.) using real pumpkins…that didn't look too hard to me. Wonder why I have always heard that? Third, yum! The pie looks super yummy. I love the crunch factor you added and finally, your blog looks so good! The new design is fantastic!!

  3. Hi Janel! Thanks for posting such a cute story about you and L making not only a pie but a holiday memory for him. He's a cute pumkin' himself! The topping sound devine.

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