Mint-infused lemonade

a mint-infused lemonade is a perfect summer drink!

This mint-infused lemonade is the best summer refreshment. It beats out all summer refreshments of all time. All. Time. It’s the perfect picnic refreshment.

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It’s simple, fast, easy to make in large amounts (think: parties), beautiful to look at, uses  fresh and real ingredients, and good for you. Make up a batch in a giant pitcher (frankly, use a rubbermaid container. It might not be classy, but it’s definitely effective). That is one seriously long list of great things, isn’t it. Ready for the recipe …

a mint-infused lemonade is a perfect summer drink!



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Liquid Cane Sugar.



Water and Ice.

mint-infused lemonade is easy and refreshing!

Though I believe this recipe to be the best it is only MY favorite combination of mint, lemon, and sugar. Feel free to tweak and twist it to match your favorite or your family’s favorite lemonade. If you need to add more lemon to make it more tart, or more mint for a stronger taste, or less sugar, feel free!

You’ll hopefully fall in love with it and keep a keg of it in your fridge all summer long because it’s so refreshing, delicious, and a great twist on your favorite summer drink!

mint-infused lemonade is delicious and refreshing!



  • Use lemon juice if you don’t have or don’t want to get fresh lemons, no shame.
  • If you choose to use granulated sugar rather than liquid cane you will get settling and need to stir often.
  • Use a strainer when you pour to grab the mint before it heads into the glass. Or, strain the mint out prior to adding the ice and water. Or, chop the mint extra fine and leave it in. Options.
  • Add alcohol to this base, if that’s your thing! Vodka, champagne, wine spritzers, and gin all work great!
  • Seltzer water and ginger-ale are a great non-alcoholic addition to this lemonade. Kids love it! Try a cherry ginger-ale for a fun color!

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