Gluten Free Pizza Party (recipes, ideas, and printables)

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backyard pizza partyMy sisters, friends and I had a wonderful weekend, this past weekend, celebrating a dear friend! It was the first garden party in my new home and we enjoyed throwing a gluten-free pizza party in celebration of getting outside and trying out our new little yard! A gluten-free pizza party? Absolutely! My friend follows a gluten-free diet and often times feels left out since no one else in our friend group follows this same type of diet, particularly when a cheesy, crispy pizza is involved. How else to honor her than a pizza part that is 100% gluten-free? Our first garden party was a gluten-free pizza party full of pizza treats!

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We were even able to keep traditional pizza on the menu thanks to FRESCHETTA® GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA. Pizza appetizers, pizza pizza, and pizza dessert were part of the tasty menu.

I created pizza invites and, of course, a pizza menu (both of which are available for you to download and print for your own pizza menu)...

gluten-free pizza party

[Pizza Party invites-4 to a page-]

[Pizza Party Menu]

Several of us gathered in the backyard under the twinkling lights, and amongst freshly planted bushes and flowers, to enjoy an absolutely perfect spring evening. We had the boys serve us each course while we sat and laughed, ate, and enjoyed the delicious food. And was amazing!

We had Zucchini Pizza bites...

gluten free pizza party with delicious and easy zucchini bites

Pizza soup...

easy pizza soup for a gluten free pizza party

Of course, gluten-free pizza from Freschetta. Which, by the way, has a delicious crispy gluten-free crust and cheesy top!!

And topped the whole party off with mini pizza fruit desserts...

This party was wonderful to throw; each dish was simple to make, budget-friendly, and utterly delicious! I was able to make the food ahead, warm it as needed, and spend the evening enjoying the company and scenery. If you or someone you love is gluten-free, like my friend, try out the gluten-free pizzas from Freschetta. You'll be so glad to have pizza back in your life! And, of course, throw someone you love a pizza party on a beautiful summer evening. Good pizza should be shared with loved ones.

Where to find your Freschetta Pizza: Freschetta pizza

You can find the recipes from our Gluten free pizza party listed below for you to try for yourself:

[yumprint-recipe id='320'][yumprint-recipe id='321'][yumprint-recipe id='322']

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