3-ingredient homemade Fish Fingers

These baked fish fingers are super delicious and only three ingredients. These are also baked fish sticks, so a healthier alternative.

Okay, does your family love fish fingers? Mine love them! But they’re also super processed, full of chemicals, and all around pretty bad for you. Which means most moms aren’t crazy about them. So, today you’re being rescued from your Fish Sticks of doom with this 3 ingredient homemade fish sticks recipe.

Before you freak out and tell me there is no way you can make them yourselves let me assure you that they really are easy. You got this! For real, this recipe is 3 ingredients…look at that picture. Easy peasy.


homemade fish sticks

Using crushed cornflakes rather than a traditional batter helps give the fish sticks a buttery flavor and lots of crispiness without being fussy. Why use a batter when a simple crushing of cornflakes will work? Get your kids to help crush those cornflakes!

Buttermilk is thicker in consistency than milk and works fantastic for sticking the crushed crumbs to the fish. You could use milk, if needed. But if at all possible to plan ahead…use buttermilk.

Tip: Mix about a tablespoon of lemon juice with 1 cup of milk and let it sit for about 30 minutes to create homemade buttermilk. For real!

These fish sticks are baked and not fried. Because of that, they won’t get a golden brown shimmering outside like you traditionally see. Don’t let that fool you, they are crispy and lovely. Your kids will think you are a superstar! Frankly, any mom willing to make fish sticks for their kids IS a superstar.

Gluten-Free Version: These are gluten-free because they are made with corn, buttermilk, and fish. But as always, read your ingredient list to be sure your cereal, milk, and more fit YOUR standard for gluten-free.

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4 thoughts on “3-ingredient homemade Fish Fingers”

  1. I did too! Although, because there were 10 of us, I understand why my mother often pulled out frozen food. These are fun to remind us of those days without all the yuckiness of frozen food. Thanks for stopping over and reminiscing with me :)

  2. Laura @MotherWouldKnow

    When I was a kid, I ate fish sticks all the time. Of course, these days, I’d never eat that terrible, frozen stuff. But your version! I’d gobble up the whole batch in an instant. Love your tip about buttermilk – so true. I may just have to make these for a “throwback” dinner, but much better than the memory of the childhood version:)

  3. I use halibut in mine because my husband’s parents bring it from Alaska for us and it’s readily available. But most any white fish will work great.

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