Goulash is a traditionally Minnesotan meal, perfect for nights when you don't have a ton of time!

Alice, from Dining with Alice, is showing off her Minnesota cooking skills again today!  We’re so excited about this Minnesota classic; Goulash!  She is the kitchen star for the local Twin Cities Live T.V. show and rightfully so; she is charming, talented and fun.  She also has an e-book with great freezer-friendly recipes for those of you who are constantly on the go.  Head to the bottom of the post for more details and a special discount code.

Goulash MN Nellie Bellie

When you think Minnesota comfort food classics, we often think of tater tot hot dish but there’s another dish, a simple and affordable meal that graces many Minnesota tables: goulash.

It’s perfect in its simplicity and really a more delicious version of the ordinary spaghetti night meal. Goulash flavors combine sweetness with smoky, the brown sugar and paprika combine and meet forces with salty and garlicy ground beef, the creaminess of tomato soup and the final element, sour cream gives it that notorious zing. It is a dish that can be made with limited time, especially on nights when you just need a quick and easy meal the whole family will enjoy.

Goulash Dinner Nellie Bellie

Just like the traditional Minnesota tater tot hot dish, everyone has their favorite additions. My mom used to add molasses for sweetness, some cooks add chopped tomatoes and I know some grandmas that even add Velveeta cheese.

However you like your goulash, it certainly is a favorite comfort food. Just right for a rainy night and perfect for a Sunday night at home with family. It’s a Minnesota comfort food classic that is often forgotten, but once you make it, you won’t forget this classic and it may just start replacing spaghetti night.

Click here for the full Goulash recipe.

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