Fall 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

Now, lovelies, I bring you this fall's Purposeful Wardrobe. And gosh darn did it take me a long time to get to this post! It's ridiculous, actually. I'm not concerned about the number of items but for the sake of you all I've counted and inventoried my wardrobe. I know that it helps others to get a visual look of how a wardrobe this small could work. Because everything matches others in multiple variations. That's the secret of a small wardrobe!

why I'm giving up my capsule wardrobe for good.

Accessories and Shoes: 2 scarves, a soft shawl, tall leather boots, leather booties, velvet green heels, leopard loafers, leopard heels, and blue Swedish clogs. Not shown: moccasins, black flats, and a pair of sneakers.


Bottoms: Black & leather leggings, dark-washed straight jeans, gray colored pants, bleached jeans, distressed jeans, black and white pencil skirt, and gray fleece-lined leggings.

Extras for no reason: poncho (isn't that awesome!) and Hogwarts t-shirt (I know, gotta have one of these!)


Long-sleeved shirts: chambray button-down, plaid tunic, plaid silk blouse, jean button-down, white popover tunic.

Tops: navy silk sleeveless, gray sleeveless, white and black t-shirt, gray graphic t-shirt, blue & white print short sleeve, blue & white ¾ sleeve.

Not pictured: 2 cocktail dresses, 1 black floral knit dress, 1 casual hoodie, 1 black wool vest, jewelry, and 3 bags.

You aren't seeing all my shoes or accessories. And a couple things that were in the wash at the time of these photo's. And funny enough, I think I have less than 40 items including shoes and bags! Funny how when I stopped worrying about that, it happened.

I've learned that a small wardrobe is fabulously useful. It helps me feel calmer, more organized, fabulous, and fashionable. But having tight rules isn't working well for me. If you are thinking of a capsule wardrobe the one lesson that I think you will find the most important is to dress for yourself and your lifestyle, only. YOU are the only person that you should be listening to.

Girl, YOU are the only you. Figure out what that looks like! Grab the workbook, print it out, and use it to help guide your shopping so that YOU are the star of your wardrobe.

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