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Make your capsule wardrobe perform big! Accessories that are great for multi-purpose and style.In a simple wardrobe, even accessories are at a minimum. But that doesn’t mean they can’t pack a punch and that care shouldn’t be given when picking them out. Accessories are truly what makes or breaks your minimal wardrobe. Having great accessories keeps your wardrobe feeling fresh, put together, personal, and interesting. I sure don’t want a boring wardrobe and I doubt you do, either.

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Today I’m going to show you the exact accessories (as close as I can!) that I use (as of 2015), why I believe in their oomph, and where you might be able to grab something close. Always remember that I believe that a minimal wardrobe is meant to keep things EASIER for you. If you are stressing about getting these exact items for yourself, you’ve missed the point. I’m simply trying to help those of you with large closets whittle down some of the items you DON’T need and give you a bit of direction. Take it or leave it. Also, remember that I live in Minnesota that has a far different climate than those of you in Florida. Instead of three pairs of boots, you might need three pairs of sandals. Take this information and adapt it to you.


Nellie Looking adorable

Classic leather boots.

(my color preference is brown…yours might be black)
Mine: Born brown leather boots.
I have to use leather cleaner and conditioner on a regular basis for these boots, I use them so often. They work great with leggings, skinny jeans, and even dresses. I have owned these for many years and plan on owning them for years to come. They are an absolute favorite! (I wore them to the zoo a couple years ago, y’all.-above picture)

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.06.52 PM(Both my brown suede boots as well as my hat (I don’t have this on this list :)) are in this outfit. I’m a huge fan of boyfriend jeans with my boots. And a hat. Well, bad hair days are cute when you have a hat! Also, notice Katie has simple Ked’s and a beanie…both great accessories. My black Converse are similar to her Keds.)

Classic leather or suede booties

MINE: Born brown suede booties (not my exact pair, but very similar.)
These are the other pair of shoes that get the most wear. I wear them with dresses, leggings, and with my boyfriend jeans rolled up. I adore them! (seen in the above picture)

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.42.18 PM

Fun colored, style, or patterned booties

Mine: Dansko Maria
These are similar to the Born booties EXCEPT they look great with or without my jeans rolled up. They have a bit of a funkier look to them because of their clog-type bottoms and work great for casual, fun outfits. And, of course…they are sturdy and comfy! Most of you don’t have need for two pairs of booties, for sure. But, here in MN, I wear boots or booties almost exclusively (all that trekking through snow!)in the winter/fall and find that having the extra option is needed.
Note: I have a pair of Swedish clogs (really, from Sweden…wooden clog and everything!) that are similar to these boots that I pull out in the spring/summer/fall and exchange for these booties. When you find something you love, buy them in a winter version and a summer version. Keep it easy!

Converse or Keds

Mine: black leather Converse 

I picked mine up for a song at Nordstrom Rack. I love them because they are a bit offbeat from the usual converse and look great with jeans and even a jean skirt. (These are great casual shoes for everyday running about. An alternative option would be a simple pair of ballet flats if you aren’t into the athletic look.) Converse or Keds are classic and always on trend. See Katie in the picture above for an idea of how great they are!

Colored, close-toe heels

Mine: velvet green 1 inch heels from Laura Ashley, no longer available. Frankly, I can’t find anything terribly similar. But, THESE are what I would grab if I was replacing mine. Love that color!

These are my go-to heels for most of my cocktail dresses (my dresses tend to be neutral so that I can use accessories to fit the occasion). They have small heels so that I can properly walk, closed-toes to combat the crazy weather here in MN, a ultra-rich velvet material that just looks plain awesome with anything! I wear these with anything from jeans to my little black dress. A great pair of simple, beautifully colored, practical, and comfortable heels will be invaluable for your wardrobe!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.00.05 PM(one of the worst parts of being the photographer is the lack of photo’s of ME :). But, this photo shows both my leopard heels as well as my black satchel.)

Patterned kitten heels

Mine: pink multi-patterned kitten heels AND leopard sling-backs (seen above)

These heels should be patterned, fun, and easy to wear. Find a classic fun pattern that you can wear with anything you own (maybe leopard, zebra, polka-dots, etc) as a neutral. Use them to add fun and interest to an outfit. These heels are great for nights out, cocktail parties with the girls, and special events. They are not demure and classic like the close-toe heels, but rather playful and fun. Mine are pink patterned and really do not “match” anything in my closet. Therefore, they work perfectly.  You’ll see me wearing them with a white tunic and skinny jeans or my black BCBG cocktail dress. The leopard heels I pull out in the summer and use them as a neutral when I need some interest in an outfit (see photo above).

Neutral colored heels

Mine are no longer sold but THESE are my replacement pick

These can be anything from wedges, kitten, or 3-inch heels. Whatever is most practical for you. These should have a bit of interest, be comfy, and classic. Pull these out for job interviews, when you are wearing an outfit that is already screaming HELLO, occasions that call for severity, and times when you want to be more discreet. But remember to LOVE them and make sure they are comfy! Mine are from Sofft and are a classic heel. Simple, classic, and quiet. Great for jeans, dresses, and everything in between. I have had this pair for well over 5 years and love them!

Note: in the summer I have a pair of nude vintage Tod sandals that replace these heels. On most occasions, having open-toes are fine. There are times, however, when I still pull out those nude heels and don’t pack them away in the spring and summer.
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.19.40 PM

Gladiator sandals. (or similar strappy, leather sandals)

Mine:  The sandals picture above are the ones I have from Minnetonka Moccasin, a company I adore! You can grab a pair HERE, if you are looking for some.

Sandals that have a bit more oomph than your traditional flip-flops add instant chicness to your shorts and t-shirt. It’s tempting to fall back to the old flip-flops but keep these in your wardrobe for those days when your outfit needs something a bit more. I love wearing them with dresses, skirts, and shorts, of course. They look instantly cool.

Flip flops

Mine: simple, well designed hot pink leather.

Yes, I said it. Keep them simple and clean. And for gosh sake…pay a  bit more for a nice pair! I personally love them in gold or white to add a bit to my outfit. But hey, they are made for casual days so do what works for you. I don’t need to explain their benefits to you. We know they are a summer staple.

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