DIY Christmas Ornaments


The holidays are almost here, so it’s a great time to get creative with your decorating. We all have favorite ornaments we like to bring out and put on our tree every year to make our holidays feel festive and special.

These 20 DIY Christmas ornaments are easy to make, simple and don’t require many special supplies—most of us probably already have what we need right on hand. Even if you aren’t super-crafty, these ornaments are easy enough for any and everybody!

Folded Paper Christmas Ornament via Practically Functional

These pretty and simple ornaments look great made from any type of paper. Try colors to match your home décor or holiday decorations! You can use string to hang them or use twine for a more rustic look.

Personalized Glitter Ornament via Frugality Gal

You'll love these great glitter can even change them each year to go with your tree! You don’t need any special talent (the letters are stickers!) and they come together in under five minutes.

Homemade Ball Ornament via Simply Stacie

Each of these ball ornaments can be personalized with anything you want to put inside! They’re adorable with pinecones and red and green colors, but they could easily be changed out with keepsake items, mementos, candy or even small toys.

DIY Christmas ornaments

Paper Clip Curly Ribbon Ornament via Mom Dot

It doesn’t get any easier than this! These curly ribbon ornaments look so sweet on your tree, and so’re going to want to make a whole bunch. Plus, they literally cost pennies to make (maybe less).

Chalkboard Christmas Ornament via Coupon Closet

Chalkboard ornaments can carry any personal message you can think of, and they make fantastic gifts. They’re cute for a teacher, or your kids will love writing a note to a friend or family member on each of them.

Glitter Twine Ball Ornament via Thinking Closet

These glitter twine ball ornaments are so simple, but grouped together on your tree, they look rustic AND festive (or “rustic glam” as their creator calls it). Using just a few simple supplies, you can make these DIY Christmas ornaments quickly and easily.

Deer Head Christmas Ornament via Uncommon Designs

These little deer are ready to pull Santa’s sleigh...and dress up your tree! They look like an expensive, store-bought ornament, but come together for much less.

Vintage Handkerchief Ornaments via DIY Inspired

If you love all things vintage and retro, these handkerchief ornaments are the perfect touch. They’re so sweet and delicate—they give your whole tree a classic feel to match any color scheme.

DIY vintage handkerchief ornaments

Festive Cookie Cutter Ornament via Lady Behind the Curtain

Many of us have a bunch of cookie cutters lying around. Pick up some extra on sale or use what you have in your cupboard drawer to make these festive cookie cutter ornaments.

Printable 3D Snowflake Star Ornament via Oh My Creative

These snowflake stars print right out from your home printer, and with a few quick folds they’re ready to hang on your tree. Go as chic or as simple as you want with the paper to make each of these great DIY Christmas ornaments uniquely yours.

DIY Confetti Ornament via A Night Owl Blog

Like a New Year’s Eve disco ball, these confetti ornaments are sparkling, beautiful and ready for a party. Add some shimmer to your decorations with these beauties.

Snow Covered Pinecones via Mom Endeavors

Whether or not it’s a white Christmas outside, these pinecones make your tree appear as though it’s been kissed by the first snowfall of winter. Quick, simple and so pretty, they’ll look great on your tree.

Floating Ornament via Everyday Savvy

Many antique stores feature art with silhouettes on glass. Add a retro touch to your tree with these gorgeous floating ornaments. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your designs—you could try a side profile of your kids, a house, or a Christmas theme.


Snowy Christmas Tree Ornament via Grace and Good Eats

If you love snowglobes (and who doesn’t?) these pretty little snowscapes will look amazing on your evergreen! You can customize them and add some individual flair, or keep them simple.

Wood Slice Snowman Ornament via Organize Your Stuff Now

These snowman ornaments are sure to make you smile. His cute face is just begging to be on a tree, and with their popsicle stick construction, they come together fast and easy.

Wood Snowman Ornaments via Mom On Timeout

So simple, and yet so darling, these little snowmen are reminiscent of gingerbread and other holiday goodies. With a little glitter snow to add some glisten to the surface, they’ll look festive!

DIY popsicle snowman ornaments

Handmade Beaded Christmas Ornaments via Crystal and Co.

Just like Perler beads (which kids love) these melt-and-go decorations are funky, cute and colorful. Made from pony beads, you can come up with all sorts of designs and shapes.

Simple Glitter Ornaments via The Real Thing with the Coake Family

Another cute idea to add some bling to your tree—glitter ornaments! Make these DIY Christmas ornaments in any color or combination your heart desires, and your tree will shine!

Paper Mache Snowflake Ornaments via Little Miss Celebration

Paper mache snowflakes (and any shape) can be customized with a touch of paint, some sequins or buttons and a bit of creativity. Go fancy or country...or a little of both!

Sequin Ornaments via A Night Owl Blog

Try the layered look with rows of pretty sparkly sequins to cover the entire ornament or just half. Either way, these ornaments will add some silver and gold to your holiday!

What are your favorite DIY Christmas ornaments? I'm so excited to create a bunch of these great choice this year, but I'm always looking for more great DIY ideas!

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