Jiffy Cornbread Waffles

I could do waffles all day long. There is something so wonderfully charming and hearty about them, don't you think. Every time I make a batch of waffles it is guaranteed my family will pop out from wherever they hide their little selves and gather about. Waffles=family ❤️. It's a recipe for success every time. These Jiffy cornbread waffles couldn't be easier and perfect for Saturday mornings!

Jiffy cornbread waffles

These waffles are a bit on the non-traditional side in a great way. Because I make waffles so often, and they are full of carbs and sugar, I try to whip up different versions with a little more gumption to them whenever I can. Recipes with extra nutrition, less sugar, or waffles that act as bases for healthier fruit toppings are my faves.

These cornbread waffles are great with add in's like corn, chives, blackberries, honey, and all SORTS of things. Try something fun!

cornbread waffles with jiffy

Is this the time where I risk sounding strange and admit that I really, really like the mess that waffle making makes? I do. And I make a mess! Somehow I always end up with batter out of the iron and onto the counter around it. Every time. I even grin a bit when it squishes out of the sides and drips onto the counter.

jiffy cornbread waffles

That, my friends, is a good morning. Coffee in hand and waffle squishing. Add in a family member chatting your ear off (anyone with a 17 year old daughter that can relate? Heck, any age daughter... yes?) and I'm done. See you next week, I won't be moving at all today.

cornbread waffles

These waffles are not sweet at all. You could add a bit more sugar, if you like. Why though? These waffles are perfect for a topping of sweet fruit, honey, or real maple syrup. The texture and heartiness of the cornbread waffles is a perfect pairing with sweet topping and whipped cream. It's heaven.

cornbread waffles made with Jiffy cornbread mix

Or, real maple syrup.

Which is what this was. Real maple syrup made by Nate. So good!

I sure hope you find time this week to pull out the waffle iron, grab a family member and cup of coffee, and watch batter squish out of the sides together. When you do, smile a bit in your heart thinking of me.

Jiffy cornbread waffles

Jiffy Cornbread Waffles

| 3 waffles
Prep Time | 5 mins
Cook Time | 12 mins
Total Time | 17 mins
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easy Cornbread waffles with Jiffy cornbread mix. Delicious and amazing!


  • 1 pkg Jiffy Cornbread Mix
  • cup milk (I use skim but any fat content will work)
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 tablespoons veggie or canola oil
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
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  • Mix the ingredients together just until mixed.
  • Fill a greased, hot waffle maker (just fill the center and push the batter out a bit, this is a thick batter)
  • Bake about a minute after the light goes off for the best crispiness.

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These cornbread waffles are crazy easy to make using Jiffy cornbread mix! A great family weekend breakfast idea. #waffles #cornbread #jiffy

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15 thoughts on “Jiffy Cornbread Waffles”

  1. 5 stars
    This thing right here is amazing!! And I love that it’s so quick and My 18 month old twins lLoVED them! Definitely a favorite!

  2. Not sure you'll see this note as you posted this recipe couple years ago. Do you have the recipe for the Blackerrry Bourbon sauce you mentioned?

    1. I do!! I had to go digging in archives to find it :) ... BLACKBERRY WHISKEY SAUCE
      Cook Time
      9 minutes
      6 ounces fresh blackberries washed and dried
      1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
      3 tablespoons whiskey
      3 tablespoons sugar
      1 tablespoon cornstarch
      1 tablespoon water
      Mix blackberries, Worcestershire sauce, 2 tablespoons of the whiskey, and sugar together into a heavy, small saucepan.
      Bring to a boil.
      Boil gently for 8 minutes (you will need to turn the temp down to low, or so), stirring often.
      In a small bowl or glass mix the cornstarch and water together so there are no lumps.
      After the 8 minutes, pour the cornstarch mixture into the berries and boil gently for about 30 seconds. Stir often. Remove from heat when the mixture thickens.
      Pour 1 tablespoon whiskey into the sauce and stir well for about 30 seconds. Serve.
      I often add only ½ of the cornstarch mixture and then gently boil the sauce for 30 seconds to see if the additional thickener is needed. Then I add a bit more, waiting 30 seconds, until I get the thickness I am looking for.

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