Chicken Wing round up

Guys, chicken wings. They’re the best. They are perfect for dinner, games, and when you have visitors. My family loves chicken wings, whether boneless or bone-in. They might always be messy, but they’re always delicious. Just make sure you have a napkin nearby when you dig in!

In fact, Levi loves buffalo wings so much that he will often get them way more spicy than he can handle. There’s been more than once where he will order some spicy wings, take a bite, and promptly eat or drink whatever is near him and has cream in it. You can look at him and see his red face and panting.

The rest of us are a little more experienced in our ordering of wings. We love buffalo wings as much as anyone else, but sometimes we don’t want our mouths to feel on fire. For that reason we’ll order wings like buffalo or parmesan garlic.

Sometimes we’ll even go to places like Buffalo Wild Wings where we can try multiple types of sauces and dry rubs at once. Then we’ll get six different kinds and taste them side by side.

Because my family loves chicken wings so much we decided to compile a list of our favorite wing recipes for you.

buffalo chicken wings

Simple Crock Pot Buffalo Wings by The Slow Roasted Italian

paleo slow cooker sticky chicken wings

Paleo Slow Cooker Sticky Wings by Noshtastic

slow cooker barabacoa wings

Slow Cooker Barabacoa Wings by Spaceships and Laserbeams

sriracha honey chicken wings

Easy Crockpot Sriracha Honey Wings by The Slow Roasted Italian

garlic parmesan chicken wings

Easy Slow Cooker Garlic Parmesan Wings by Wholesome Yum

chicken wings

Crock Pot Chicken Wings by Real Housemoms

pressure cooker chicken wings

Pressure Cooker Chicken Wings by Noshtastic

sweet and spicy chicken wings

Sweet and Spicy Sticky Wings by Spicy Southern Kitchen

If you don’t want to make your chicken wings in a slow cooker or pressure cooker, try this recipe..

Three easy, fast ways to make chicken wings that you'll use again and again! | | #recipes #chicken #wings

Chicken Wings by NellieBellie

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