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Simple recipes for your favorite side dishes and maybe a few new favorites!

Swedish Toast Skagen (Shrimp Toast)

I'm whipping up some comfort food in the form of toast. Not just any toast... Swedish Skagen Toast. An easy and traditional Swedish appetizer.

roasted corn salad with fresh sweet corn

Roasted Corn Salad Recipe

This easy roasted corn salad recipe will remind you of your favorite Mexican sweet corn. Full of summer flavor, creamy cheese, and roasted corn...served warm OR cold, this is an easy recipe your whole family will love this summer! In the summer, I love finding a side

baked homemade french fries

easy Baked Homemade French Fries

Do NOT freak out about the thought of making homemade fries. SOOO easy. And they really DO get crispy and tasty. Try them and see!

Quick Pickled Veggies

One of my favorite little bites on the dishes I get when I go to my fave restaurants are the pickled onions, radishes, or other veggies. My favorite salads have pickled beets or pickled red onions. There is a turkey burger I love that features pickled radishes.

Radish salad with bacon, a recipe from

Sauteed Radishes and Bacon Recipe

This easy bacon and radish salad recipe that pairs perfectly with sandwiches, soups, or even chicken. Radishes cooked up wth bacon is a great way to introduce your family (and me!) to an otherwise under-appreciated veggie!

Quick tip for healthier, creamier mashed potatoes: boil the potatoes with the skin on! more info at

The BEST mashed potatoes (tips, tricks, & recipe)

Here's the trick:  Boil your Russet potatoes with the skin ON. Boil your potatoes whole, with the skin on.  Pour off the hot water and replace with ice cold water before peeling (so you don't burn yourself).  You can either peel with your hands, or grab a

Irish Colcannon With Bacon recipe. Click through for instructions!

Irish Colcannon With Bacon (And Leftover Colcannon Cakes)

Our contributor Haley is always full of fantastic, cheap recipes and deliciousness!  We are always amazed at the dishes she can pull off with such little cash.  Head over to her site Cheap Recipe Blog, check it out, see all her great ideas, and subscribe to get recipes in

How to make baked veggie fries your family will love

easy baked veggie fries

This how to for baked veggie fries has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  As always, we only work with brands we think are great, and only share recipes we actually love. #SpringIntoFlavor #CollectiveBias My kids adore after-school snack time. They get off the bus, charge

Bacon and Blue Cheese Homemade Tater Tots

Homemade Tater Tots

Perfect for using on Tater Tot Hotdish, Alice, from Dining with Alice, is back again to share her homemade tater tots. She is the kitchen star for the local Twin Cities Live T.V. show and rightfully so; she is charming, talented and fun. You'll be able to

Poached pear with wild rice filling are delicious and healthy! A MN favorite!

Poached Pears

We are so very, very excited to welcome another new contributor here at NellieBellie. Alice, from Dining with Alice, is a real-life friend from here in Minnesota. She's a genius in the kitchen and a lovely lady to boot. She is the kitchen star for the local

Basic Coleslaw recipe, video tutorial for making coleslaw, and a terrific recipe for Jalapeno Cilantro Colesolaw. Love that stuff on shrimp tacos!

Sweet and Creamy Classic Coleslaw Recipe

This classic coleslaw recipe will help you get started and feel like you can make slaw like a pro. Sweet, creamy, and tangy...just like good slaw should be!

Roasted buffalo cauliflower recipe from healthy snack ideas

Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower

Because sometimes the simplest recipes are actually the best, and this buffalo roasted cauliflower is an example of one, we almost felt silly putting this recipe up for you all, because it is so simple. But then we got over it. Why? Because you need this buffalo

Healthy green bean casserole from NellieBellie #Christmas #greenbeancasserole

Healthier green bean casserole

Green bean casserole is a holiday must-have alongside brown sugar glazed carrots and your favorite stuffing.  The mixture of beans, mushrooms, onions, and delicious creaminess is an expected part of any holiday meal, but the truth is bad for you.  Sure, it has beans.  But it

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