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Salted Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

to die for Salted Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

These pistachio cookies feature cocoa and sea salt for a delicious from scratch sweet chocolate cookie recipe. These Salted Chocolate Pistachio cookies will easily be your favorite! I just don't know how to properly talk about these chocolate pistachio cookies. They are my new favorite for so

Delicious and easy (relatively) pistachio muffins from nelliebellie.com

Pistachio Muffin recipe

Pistachio muffins are really good, but we've been afraid to try them. They seem like they'd take a lot of work. We were wrong. They are easy. And super delicious.

This gluten-free chocolate pistachio cake is made with dark chocolate and in a bundt pan for a great texture and unique flavor!

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Bundt Cake

Yes, Bob's Red Mill paid us to make this chocolate pistachio cake.  They did not, however, require us to gush nonstop about how much we love them.  That's all us!  Find our full disclosure here. Katie says a bite of this classic chocolate pistachio cake tastes like a ball

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