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BLT Chopped salad with avocado ranch dressing

BLT Salad

Growing up the oldest of 10 kids, bacon wasn't a big part of our home. The stuff is expensive and when you are feeding 12 people, bacon is gold. 

BLT sandwiches were special. And usually had a single piece of bacon, cut in half. It was soooo good. 

To this day, when I eat BLT sandwiches they make me feel like a rich girl. They are a favorite of mine. Forever and always I will think of BLT sandwiches as for "rich people".  

breakfast egg cups

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Vidalia onion and bacon bomb

A sweet Vidalia onion ins stuffed with ground beef and mozzarella cheese. Then it's wrapped in bacon and topped with bread crumbs. Delicious and beautiful!

Radish salad with bacon, a recipe from nelliebellie.com

Sauteed Radishes and Bacon Recipe

This easy bacon and radish salad recipe that pairs perfectly with sandwiches, soups, or even chicken. Radishes cooked up wth bacon is a great way to introduce your family (and me!) to an otherwise under-appreciated veggie!

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