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This post has been sponsored by Tastefully Simple, though we only write about products we use and love!Grilled fruit and poundcake is an easy, delicious campfire dessert. Use balsamic vinegars as a marinade to bring out the flavor in the fruit!This post is brought to you by: Summer. Technically spring, I suppose. But, here in MN, when it hits 70 degrees we pull out the shorts and tanks, cold beers, grill, and call it summer. Guys !… we have a short season here and need to take every moment possible. So, let’s all just pretend summer is here! (By the way, we are expecting 40 degrees next week. MN is moody, I tell ya. Moody moody moody.)

Back to the topic at hand. Summer. Grilling. Cold beers. Grilling. Did I say grilling twice? Well, it is that important to summer. We grill at least 3 times a week if the weather allows for it. Often more. I’m a giant fan of the easy clean-up, my husband does most of the standing over hot coals, and the expectations are so much less. Give them a meat in bread, chips, lemonade, and fruit (Okay, that’s the mom calling for the fruit. They could care less.) and we got a winner, winner, chicken dinner! Can’t beat that.

Can I tell you a secret, though?  I really do enjoy finding new foods and recipes for grilling. Still easy. Still fast. But I’m always looking out for ways to get grilling healthier, tastier, and fresher.

Grilled fruit and poundcake. An easy campfire dessert.Recently Lanet and I sat outside on my little front patio and grilled up one of my favorite campfire desserts for you all. And called it work. (No really. Someone called and needed something and we said…”sorry, we are working right now, can we get back to you?” Priorities. :) And hey, someone needs to take photos of Lanet all dolled up for grilling!)

Do NOT be fooled. Grilling fruit and pound cake is hardly work. It’s as simple as cutting fruit, splashing it well with Tastefully Simple’s Balsamic Vinegars (we like Mango of Modena or the Strawberry of Modena for fun alternatives to the traditional Aged Balsamic Vinegar), and letting the grill do the hard work.

grilled-fruit1I use balsamic vinegar a whole awful lot when grilling. The acid in the vinegar combined with the sweetness makes a great marinade for all sorts of meats, veggies, and of course … fruit. I was excited to try Tastefully Simple’s new flavored balsamic vinegars on this fruit for something fun and new. And they are wonderful! I plan on trying out the Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar of Modena on some chicken for a strawberry chicken salad. Doesn’t that sound good and tasty and all sorts of wonderful? (as I write this Nate is making breakfast and I am drooling with hunger. Can you tell? P.S. It’s waffles. And bacon. Drool!).

Most important tip:
Drizzle the balsamic vinegar over the fruit at least 15 minutes prior to when they will go on the grill. Turn them, if possible. And bonus points for giving them at least 30 minutes of marinading time! It really isn’t necessary to grill the pound cake but the char marks and smokey flavor make it well worth it! (P.S. You can buy your pound cake in the freezer section or make use Absolutely Almond Pound Mix from Tastefully Simple. Cause, semi-homemade is always better than freezer.:))


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2 thoughts on “Grilled fruit & pound cake”

  1. haha; no Italian…we don’t think…? But there really is just something different and fabulous about food over the grill!

  2. Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I’m totally into grilling — for us it’s a way of life. My hubby has been known to take the snow shovel and make a path to the grill so we can enjoy the flavor or burnt meat — just kidding. We do enjoy the grill year round though. Balsamic vinegar and fruit?? Yum!! Do you have some Italian blood in you?

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