A Simple Way to Make Yard Pick-Up Sticks

giant pick up sticks made from bamboo plant stakes

Do you remember this old-fashioned game? This giant pick-up sticks version is easy to make and so fun to play with a group! Just be mindful you don't poke an eye out with these sticks!

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  • 24-36 bamboo yard stakes
  • spray paint in 5 colors
  • clear spray paint

To Do:

  1. Take 1 stake and paint it black (or the color that stands out the most).
  2. Divide the remaining stakes into the number of colors of paint you have. Paint each cluster a different color.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Spray all stakes with clear paint.

A more complete description of everything, and pictures;

Your Stakes:

  • you want the number of stakes to be dividable by the number of colors you want to have, plus 1 black stick. I had 4 colors with 8 sticks per color…32. Plus the black stick…33 stakes.
  •  wooden dowels also work, as do any variety of stakes. Be very sure that you don’t choose any variety with an exceptionally  pointy end…that would be quite dangerous to play!

Clear Spray Paint:

  • A coat of clear spray over your stakes will help the paint last much, much longer.

If you don't want to make pick-up sticks on your own grab these already made ones...




Yes, it really is that easy.

  1. Paint your stakes different colors, seal with clear primer.
    How you choose to get paint on those stakes is up to you. I chose to push them in the ground and spray them. Then when they dry, flip them over and repeat. However, I would recommend not spray painting multiple colors on a windy day unless you want to look a bit like a Rembrandt painting. Okay, a LOT like a Rembrandt painting!

5 loofah showers later…

Here is the part where I show you multiple amazing live shots of my adorable family (minus the 15 year old daughter...her hair wasn't "cute enough" for photos) and gorgeous yard.

Well, I have 1 out of the 2 right. I need to work on that yard part a bit more. Playing yard games is much more fun than fixing dead patches of grass.


I would like to make a couple of notes about these giant pick-up sticks…

1. As with all sticks, small children should not play with them. Older children should be cautious. Adults should be okay. But, just tell everyone that safety is first. And watch that you don’t get sharp stake ends.

Have fun in your yard. Be whimsical and cheerful, like these giant pick-up sticks are. Make it a place your children want to be in. Let them free to be kids. Leave the perfect cleaning and styling for elsewhere...nature is perfect already!

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