Love Nutrition Facts | Valentine’s Day free printable

This is a free Valentine’s Day printable for you to celebrate all things love. This printable is perfect for Valentine’s Day. So, I made the love facts printable for you! It is an 8 by 10 size, and is designed to look like nutrition facts. Print on regular size paper and throw that baby in a frame (or not…mine’s on my wall with washi tape)!  These love nutrition facts are great for everyone as a sweet gift for Valentines Day.

Free Valentine's Day printable with love nutrition facts. Great for Valentine's Day!

Love Nutrition Facts Printable

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    Nate and I don’t go crazy for Valentine’s Day, at all. Often we have a nice dinner around Valentine’s Day (never ON Valentine’s Day…packed restaurants are NOT our thing!), and then we often grab take-out and binge on Netflix or new releases we’ve been saving. After 20 years of marriage, we don’t need the wine and chocolate cake. Besides, my chocolate cake recipe is the best there is. Not even joking…

    Last year I think we stayed home and made ground beef wellingtons, mashed potatoes, and had a pie from one of our local places. With red wine for me and beer for him. I’m pretty sure we were in the middle of Game of Thrones bingeing. You know, we never did get through that series before we quit. Hmmm…I’m thinking we may need to revisit that series.

    Anyway, y’all have a great Valentine Day. Keep it easy on yourself and your hubby. And remember that not everyone thinks Valentine’s Day is the bee’s knees. Another great day for some random acts of kindness at the coffee shop and drive-thru.

    Fun facts about love

    • It takes less than four minutes to decide if you like someone
    • Whether you like someone is based mainly on body language, followed by tone of voice
    • Your pupils dilate when you look at someone you love

    If you have little ones that you would like to keep busy or are being left with the babysitter check out 14 Valentine’s Day Activities to do with Kids. You’ll be glad for those resources! 

    Or, 20 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas when you can’t get a Babysitter. Because, it’s bound to happen sometimes. There are only so many babysitters in your area ;).

    How cute is this DIY envelope for making homemade Valentines!

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    7 thoughts on “Love Nutrition Facts | Valentine’s Day free printable”

    1. is there a website or something I can use to make one of those? I dont want the lo e theme, my own custom one

    2. Not right now, but we should update this to be able to do that! For now, you can simply save it to your computer and print. It prints in full paper size.

    3. Debbie Schulte

      Do you still email this file as a printable?! Love it! Thanks in advanc!!

    4. I just found your website. I love the nutrition facts of love!
      I’m going to use it for our coop lesson about love.

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