Cucumber Onion Salad

Everything about this cucumber onion salad recipe is classic and comfy.

Who knows how many decades ago this recipe was first created, and by whom. It’s been around so long that nobody even knows. Cucumber Onion salad is a classic at potlucks and picnics the world over. For good reason…it’s easy, delicious, and refreshing.


This version is all of those things and just a bit more. Because this has fennel added to it. You can’t even see the fennel mixed in with the cucumber and onion, can you? But it’s there. And it adds just a bit of sweetness and bite to the already tasty, classic salad.

And a tip on how to make your version of the Cucumber Onion salad even better? Use Vidalia onions. No, really. They are sweet and tangy…absolutely perfect for this salad!

You can also add tomatoes to the salad if you feel like it. If you’re the type of person that likes pickling, this is also great for it!

If you’d like the salad to be creamier you can drain the liquid and add some sour cream.

This salad, although delicious eaten plain, can be put on top of burgers and hot dogs as a condiment, of sorts.

It’s piled on top of the hotdogs and veggie burgers as high as it can be. Yum! Although, you might need to give out forks to eat them.

It’s a cheap recipe, which is great because cook outs and parties tend to be so expensive. And since it’s so easy, you can ask anyone in your family to make it while you prepare other things. Get your kids in the kitchen preparing this one!

Though your kids might not like this salad (c’mon, raw onions?), the adults at your next get together will love it.

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