Cardamom Caramel Latte Recipe

Lanet brings us another fantastic coffee recipe to try this fall. This  homemade Cardamom Caramel Latte Recipe is sure to be a favorite in your coffee drink line up! A coffee recipe full of caramel flavor with a lovely hint of cardamom.

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Cardamom Caramel Latte Recipe. Easy to make and a fanatastic addition to your fall coffee recipes!Fall is quickly approaching, and with it all the pumpkin, spice, and apple drinks and confections you could possibly ever want.  There’s apple pie, apple cider, and apple pie bars.  There’s pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin pie, and of course–pumpkin spice lattes.  Seriously, the number of Facebook posts about pumpkin spice lattes is more than a bit ridiculous!  The pumpkin spice latte probably has more media coverage than Donald Trump.  Which is probably okay…

If you’re someone who wants to buck the pumpkin/apple trend, you should have a delicious coffee recipe using a forgotten fall must-have; cardamom.

What’s cardamom, you say?  That’s a very good question.  It isn’t on the list of common household spices.  It is a special little spice, available either in pods or individual seeds, that tastes like fall and spice and everything nice.  You do not eat the whole pod, if that’s the form it comes in.  Just the little black seeds on the inside.  Cardamom is great in coffee, of course, but also in a number of other fall dishes. Like pumpkin pie and apple fritters :)

Yes, cardamom is a bit pricey.  Okay, a lot pricey.  But you are using a very small amount of it in each drink, so it really is not as expensive as it seems when you go to the store and buy your first cardamom selection.  That little bottle will last! You can find whole cardamom bagged up for a reasonable price at Amazon if you want to go that option.

And after you try this just one time, you’ll be hooked.   It will be your new favorite coffee drink, the one you pull out on special occasions or Mondays.  And you may soon find yourself advocating for the introduction of cardamom at every coffee shop you frequent.

Because cardamom and coffee go together.  They just do.

Cardamom Caramel Latte recipeCardamom Caramel Latte recipe

Cardamom Caramel Latte

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  • 1/2 cup strong coffee or 1 shot espresso
  • 1 cup frothed milk or hot milk if you don't have the ability to froth
  • 1 cardamom pod...or about 10 seeds
  • caramel
  • whipped cream
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  • Put the cardamom seeds in the bottom of an empty mug and crush them.
  • Add the coffee and caramel.
  • Stir.
  • Pour the frothed milk over the top.
  • Top with whipped cream.

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2 thoughts on “Cardamom Caramel Latte Recipe”

  1. Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Oooh! I wish I would have had this on National Coffee Day! I’m drinking tea right now — I’m saving my tastebuds for my Starbucks at nine. I love the flavored drinks but I won’t drink them there — too expensive. I just order a bold brew and use raw sugar and cream. Yum!! That keeps me going all day. Now this latte I’d make at home as a dessert. What a nice way to warm yourself up!! Thank you and have a wonderful day!!

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