5 reasons you should have a house cleaner


Let me first clarify that I don't have a house cleaner/housekeeper/maid. I have a 900 square foot home with 4 people over 13...it seems ridiculous for me to need help cleaning that. To be honest, I've thought about. I hate cleaning the tub and the fridge and the oven and the...okay, everything. But for me, the reality is that cleaning my home takes little time and effort, so to hire someone really is quite ridiculous.

For you... maybe that's not the case. Most likely, you are exactly who should be hiring a house cleaner.

No, before you start apologizing or feeling guilty about having one let me give you my 5 reasons I think having a house cleaner has good merit for many of us.

  1. Cleaning house is simply a bad use of your time.

    Sure you can clean your house. You could find the time. But then you would give up time for yourself, time for your family, time for friends, time to pay your bills, and many other priorities that only you can do. You can't hire another you for those things but you can hire a house cleaner to give you time to do the things only you can do. My mom, a mother of 10, was a prime example of someone that could have benefited from a housecleaner.

  2. It frees you to have a job that you are good at and support another's job.

    This is the thing, you might be really good at your job and make good money helping support your family. But your guilt gets in the way and you quit work early on Friday to get home to clean for a few hours because you feel that you "should". What if, instead, you hired someone to clean while you worked? That person most likely, like you, is good at their job (frankly, probably a better cleaner than you anways!), and wants the work, themselves. Why do you still feel guilty about hiring a cleaner? Feel empowered that you can help another person do the job they do best while you do the same. You...are supporting their life in the same way they are supporting yours. Yay for helping!

  3. It lowers your stress.

    Maybe it's the fumes, maybe it's the cleaning itself, maybe it's the crouching, or maybe it's just thinking about cleaning? Whatever it is...many of us get grouchy and stressed simply thinking about the fact we need to clean. I do. Hire a cleaner and stop stressing because you know it will be done. Put that stress into something else, you have plenty of it. Well, I'm assuming. Cause, don't we all?

  4. A house cleaner has the tools to do it right.

    Not that I don't clean well, I do. But I know that many services have crazy good equipment that would do an exceptionally better job than I could/would. For some of you that have children with health issues...this is reason enough, IMO.

  5. You are a caregiver.

    Many of you are caring for elderly parents, sick family members, disabled family, and more. Your days are made up of chores that many of us don't even realize exist. You deserve as many of those chores taken off your plate as possible. You should get a housecleaner, if you can.

I get that many of you can't afford a regular housekeeper, and that's a bummer. I was in that boat for years and years and years, my mom of 10 kids never had one for budget reasons. It's okay, your house doesn't have to be perfectly clean for it to be a great place for your family. Maybe you can afford a "once in a while" house cleaning? You know...the big stuff like ovens and tubs and windows and floors. Sometimes, having help with just that small bit can feel amazing! If not, don't stress. I don't come to see your house...I come to see you. It's time we stop judging each other based on our homes...mmm-kay.

For those of you that want to get a cleaner, have one, have had one, or any combination of these...give yourselves a break and let go of the guilt. You are my hero. And, if I ever move into a larger home...I'll be hiring a house cleaner! Of course, I have to make sure to get a bit of a cheaper home to afford the cost of a cleaner ;).

1 thought on “5 reasons you should have a house cleaner”

  1. I like that you pointed out that house cleaners will have all the necessary tools to ensure that the job will be done effectively. With that in mind, I will be hiring one to save me from buying tools and etc. I just don't have those because I just moved out of my parents' house this year, and it is my first time living on my own. My schedule is also very hectic to give me time to clean my own property.

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