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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you have been following NellieBellie on Facebook you have been aware that I have been neck deep in a revamp of my hallway. I knew that we would be taking up the carpet that was there. But, what to put down…I had no idea. Cheap flooring is hard to find, and often not very attractive. So, I turned to my binder of diy ideas that i had written down over the years. I remembered that I had an idea months ago of making a floor from lath. After talking over the logistics of yet one more of my diy ideas with Nate, my cheap flooring came to be…DIY lath floor.

And this is what we have now after this diy cheap flooring project…

A diy idea for cheap flooring from NellieBellie. Lath floor tutorial

Right?!?? Can you believe that? I am soo excited about this project. The best part? The cheap flooring cost me…

Cost breakdown…

  • $14.00 for the wood.
  • $35.00 for the paint (it was fancy pancy because I wanted texture and super strong!)
  • $28.00 for the threshold thingys. ( I needed 4 of them suckers)

Seriously people. I spent the most  money on stuff other then the floor itself. How is this possible??? I’m a cheap flooring whiz, if I don’t say so myself!

Let me show you how this diy project went. You might want to try it!


  1. You need to remove the carpet. This is tough. I skipped my workout that day and did this instead. Okay, for real…I don’t have workouts. But, I skipped my workout that I thought of doing.The trick is at the bedroom seams. You should have a seam from when they laid the carpet. Hopefully, you can just pull it apart nice and easy. If not, pull out the cutters and cut nice and straight!

how to install cheap flooring: diy lath floor tutorial. 2. Take up the stairs and the carpet pad. Watch out for the spiky things along the wall edges. Those things are NASTY!! You will have staples EVERYWHERE! And gaps between the stairs and wall (if you are doing stairs)

NellieBellie: diy lath floor tutorial. create this darling floor for cheap cheap cheap!

So, enlist some help to take turns taking out staples. You cannot forget a staple. They need to come out!! Your feet will thank you. Or your butt (no really, Nate totally sat on a staple. Is it wrong that I giggled?)

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  1. Sarah says

    Did you do the lath down the entire stairway? I love what you have done, it has inspired me to replace my lanolium floors with lath in our hallway! And the carpet on our stairs. Just curious if you posted or have any photos of the stairs.

  2. Adam H says

    When you nailed it down do you do it diagonally like traditional hardwood or did you staple/screw through the top?

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