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I’m so excited about this series that we will be bringing to NellieBellie over the next many weeks. I have been teary eyed while reading these women’s words. They are full of inspiration, good advice, and plain fun. These are women entrepreneurs. Specifically creative businesses. I’ve spent a bit of time interviewing and visiting them to hear some of their highs, lows, tips, tricks, and goals.

Not all of us will own our own business. Many of us would never want that for ourselves. But, we all have a great appreciation for the dedication and skills that running a successful business takes. Especially a creative business. Especially as a woman. Especially while staying relatively sane.

These women vary in ages from 19 years old to well, older than 19. Many of them are parents, some with younger and some older. There are two sets of sisters in business together. There are online stores, brick and mortar stores, baked goods, personalized goods, and all sorts of different TYPES of things. But as we go hear from these women I want you to focus on the SAMENESS they all share…

confidence in their talent.

     outside support.

             drive. SERIOUS drive.






and more mistakes.




Let me introduce these women that we will hear from in the upcoming few weeks …

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Maggie and Nell
Hi Little One.

These two sisters don’t even live in the same state, yet they have managed to create Hi Little One, a company devoted to highly personalized, type-driven, and personality-filled gifts for kids. They donate 10% of profits for pediatric cancer research and commit to sticking with USA-made garments. All great things.

These women have a passion for what they do, working together, and the way they can affect their world with their business. You will love hearing what drives them, how they manage busy lives (Maggie has 3 kids), how they keep up with friend and family time, and the lessons they have learned that YOU can apply to your life regardless if you will ever start a business of your own.

For Hi Little One I work about four to five depending on the day. As a mom? 24/7!
~Maggie Lundquist


Hannah’s Homemade Heavens.

This girl is 19 years old, y’all. For real. And just a few months ago opened her bakery in my hometown of Stillwater, MN. I KNOW…makes you feel like SUCH a failure, right! GAH. But spend a few minutes with Hannah and you will be smitten with her sweetness and love for what she does. This girl you can’t help but WANT to succeed at everything. Her bakery is full of the usual treats, cookies, and pastries. But, Hannah isn’t your usual baker.

You won’t want to miss hearing about what drives this girl to start her day at 5 am (for a teenager…guys!), what challenges she has faced, and whom she would say is her number one supporter (hint-#MomGoals). This girl is an inspiration!

…really awesome home cooked food! That’s what I really hope people feel at my bakery.


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.17.28 AM

Diane and Terry
My Sister’s Cottage.

We have another sisterly duo here! They are a GREAT example of working together, supporting another, and CONFIDENCE in their skills. These two run a brick and mortar store in downtown Stillwater, called My Sister’s Cottage,  selling well curated vintage furniture and goodies that have been hand picked, reimagined, and beautified. Terry loves the thrill of the hunt, finding unique pieces of furniture and home decor. Diane loves to let those pieces of furniture talk to her and paints the piece accordingly. She is happiest upstairs in the studio space of the shop, wearing an old shirt and painting away the afternoon.  Terry has full confidence in Diane’s ability to transform pieces and Diane has full confidence in Terry’s ability to find great pieces. And then…they have confidence in their OWN skills. Seriously, case study in working together!

Sigh, some people’s kids are just making me feel like I need to work on making my sisters listen to me :).

These ladies are full of life experience, experience working in a brick and mortar location, working in a small town!, and managing store hours while keeping a semblance of a life. You won’t want to miss their thoughts and how it might apply to your busy mom life!

By having our own shop, we satisfy our vintage love, which saves our own homes from bordering on cluttered! Now we have free rein to scoop up diamonds in the rough, bring them to the shop, make them pretty and let someone else enjoy them. ~Terry and Diane



Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe

Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe has gone from a small hobby, to money-making hobby, to part-time business, to full-time business, and soon-to-be full-fledged bakery in a matter of a couple of years. Amy has learned the ins and outs of many facets of business and entrepreneurship. She’s full of wisdom for anyone setting out to try to make a living out of something they love. AND having a family. Without going crazy insane. Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe features real ingredients, fantastic flavors, utterly perfect technique, and wonderful customer service. She has steadily been rising in the cupcake/cake world in Minnesota.

I have been utterly impressed with this lady’s ability to work crazy hard while managing to stay connected to her family and friends. I use Amy as my personal example of keeping play and fun mixed in with work. She works hard and plays harder, a combo that is incredibly hard to achieve when you are a working mom. Especially when you are a mom that owns your own business!

Fast paced and full of buttercream is my favorite way to go through life! ~Amy


Stop in every weekend to hear from these #GirlBosses . It’s all fun and games until someone starts a business!

Series begins February 14th.


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