Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich

Fall is here!!!

Here at NellieBellie, fall is a favorite.  We love the cool weather, the cozy sweaters, the autumn colors, and the delicious foods.  This Thanksgiving sandwich is just one of the many foods we look forward to eating at this time of year (although, we sneak it in many times of year!). We are also huge soup eaters, love warm homemade bread, and prefer hot coffee beverages to the cold ones of summer.  We could write post after post documenting all of our coffee creations!  But back to the sandwich…

Thanksgiving Sandwich. A tasty way to eat the holiday favorites all year long!

How do we decide if a sandwich is “fall” worthy?  Basically, if it’s old-fashioned and reminds us of good ol’ home cooking, it can be considered for fall food status.  This criteria eliminates quite a few options…but not this Thanksgiving sandwich!

See..we don’t actually like Thanksgiving food much.  We like the leftovers.  The meal itself we could do without.  But we can’t go without the next-day food creations.  This Thanksgiving sandwich is one such creation…and we now make it multiple times a year.  It combines all those pieces of the Thanksgiving meal into one single amazing, delicious explosion of flavor.  And, if you are smart about how you prepare the pieces of this Thanksgiving sandwich, it doesn’t need to take much time to make.  Even if you aren’t using Thanksgiving leftovers!

Thanksgiving Sandwich Ingredients:

  • Rolls (we prefer croissants)
  • Thick-sliced turkey (we often get ours from the deli)
  • Mashed potatoes (pre-made are available in the dairy section)
  • Stuffing
  • Cranberry Sauce (can we admit we use the canned stuff?)
  • Gravy (optional)

Thanksgiving Sandwich Directions:

  1. Make stuffing according to directions on box, if necessary.
  2. Warm the gravy, and mashed potatoes (we purchased pre-made potatoes in the refrigerated section, you could make your own if you want to be more awesome).
  3. Spread generous amount of cranberry sauce on both sides of your roll, add turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes to the bottom slice.  Place the top on the sandwich.  Drizzle the entire sandwich with gravy (if preferred).
  4. Enjoy!

We hope that your family sits about the table chowing on this sandwich smiling, chatting, and enjoying themselves. And that the time you saved preparing a fancy supper can instead be spent hearing the latest boy troubles from your girl, or the math woes from your 6th grader. You know…the important stuff. If you need more ideas for quick recipes check out our easy Recipes that Impress.

And if you’re looking for great holiday recipes try:

Turkey Crescent Bundles | These are my FAVORITE way to use leftovers. Sooo good!

Butternut Squash Cake | You would not believe how delicious this cake is.

Cheesy Shepherds Pie | This is the best way to use leftover mashed potatoes. The best comfort food recipe.



  1. November 23, 2015 / 6:42 pm

    Now this is a great leftover sandwich! Gorgeous picture and I love how everything is piled on top there.

    • Nellie
      November 24, 2015 / 9:40 am

      Me too!! thanks.

  2. September 8, 2014 / 7:49 am

    Looks pretty darn good!! But unfortunately I’m not ready for fall — we are going to extend summer a little by going south. I do love the nip in the air and that clean fresh smell. The food is great but I do miss the fresh veggies, don’t you? The sandwich looks amazing! Oh BTW — my hubby says he’s willing to help with my experiment that I mentioned – you know, the pumpkin cake recipe?? :-)

    • October 15, 2014 / 9:56 am

      Hahahaha! We missed this comment when you first put it up and just found it again. Glad your hubby is such a willing helper!

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