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Swedish Pear Upside-down Cake

This upside-down pear cake is from a Swedish recipe. Perfect almond cake and fresh pears combine into an amazing dessert!

Apple & Pear Pie

Spiced Pear & Apple Pie

This is a delicious fall pie full of sliced pears, apples, spices, and flavor! This uses a classic homemade pie filling and amps up the flavor with sweet pears and spices. My personal favorite pie recipe! It feels like a warm hug!

Poached pear with wild rice filling are delicious and healthy! A MN favorite!

Poached Pears

We are so very, very excited to welcome another new contributor here at NellieBellie. Alice, from Dining with Alice, is a real-life friend from here in Minnesota. She's a genius in the kitchen and a lovely lady to boot. She is the kitchen star for the local

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