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Pickled Rhubarb

Our MN girl, Alice, is back with a delicious recipe featuring our favorite summer produce. I was lucky enough to try some of her tasty treat and can personally tell you that it is delicious. Surprisingly so. Who knew that pickling rhubarb would be a good thing?!?

the Mosquito, a Minnesota coffee drink.

the Mosquito. A Minnesota coffee drink.

Because it's tiny and packs a punch! I KNOW you were asking why it's called a mosquito! Although, any readers from Minnesota didn't have to ask. You know. You know with a big KNOW! We thought it was fitting for a Minnesota coffee drink. I realize many

If you are in Minnesota, make a stop at Red Cow North Loop a must on your list. And be sure you try the wine, beer, and/or cocktails! So great!

Out and About: Red Cow North Loop

Many of you know my sister Lanet that works here on NellieBellie with me (shown here on the left) but let me introduce another little sister, Tessa (right side). She's number eight of us ten and just as much of a firecracker as the rest of us

Science Museum of Minnesota: a great place for kids! #sciencemuseummn #onlyinmn #minneapolis

Science Museum of Minnesota

Recently, we were invited by the Science Museum of Minnesota to a media event showing a preview of their new Omnitheatre film "Flight of the Butterflies".  We were pumped! The movie was very well made, and was the perfect film to be put on such a huge

Minnesota Dairy Free Wild Rice Soup Recipe

This recipe for Minnesota wild rice soup with almond milk swaps out traditional cream for almond milk making it a non-dairy version of the traditional soup.

Square Lake Beach

Square Lake Beach seems to be a fairly well-kept secret in the Eastern metro area.  And as much as we'd like to keep this beautiful little spot to ourselves, that seems a bit selfish.  Because the beach is huge, the water is clear, the woods are beautiful,

Tin Bins Stillwater, MN

Tin Bins | coffee shop | Stillwater

Tin Bins is a beautiful coffee shop located in Stillwater, MN. It has become "our" place to work and hang out. No matter where you are located, finding a place to make your own is incredibly important.

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