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Learn how to make a basic deviled egg with this recipe and tutorial. deviled eggs

Perfect Deviled Eggs

We think deviled eggs are one of the best ways to eat eggs ever! They are easy to customize, make ahead, store, and serve. Great for so many diets and, of course, soooo delicious!

"Cracked Egg" Sugar Cookies

Easy Easter sugar cookies that are simple and easy for kids to make! A cute idea for a fun dessert food that is delicious and sweet!

easy fondant carrots you can make in only a few simple steps

Fondant Carrots (easy & fast!)

easy Fondant Carrots that are great for decorating a cake or cupcakes! Perfect for Easter desserts, spring cakes, and dirt cakes! Srsly, YOU can do this!

easy Lavender and Lemon Bread recipe

Lavender and lemon are paired together to make this absolutely delightful quick bread that you will have in the oven in under 20 minutes...flat! Because this bread is so easy and delightful, it is one of my personal favorites and I make it often for my personal coffee time.

homemade Marshmallow Peep eggs

Skip buying Marshmallow Peeps at the store and make your own! They are SOOO much easier than you think, super cute, and a great activity for the whole family!

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