How it Works: 

Each day you’ll get an email from me with a yummy new soup recipe to try plus any relevant tips and tricks. All of our readers favorite soup recipes in one spot! And…special gifts + bonus’ ONLY for my email subscribers.

We have 30 days of soup recipes for an easy weekday meal full of comfort, nutrition, and warmth. You are guaranteed to feel inspired, motivated, and encouraged to make your favorite soup recipe or find a new favorite!


Your first email will show up right away and it will have a printable with 6 homemade spice recipes for making your own spice mixes (used all the time in soups!).

You will get an additional 11 more spice blends throughout the 30 days.

At the end of the 30 days, you’ll also get an ebook with all 30 soup recipes AND spice recipes in a single downloadable pdf.

I mean…soup mania!!

Common Questions:

Most are going to be stovetop but many of them will have CrockPot or IP variations, if you prefer.

Absolutely! Many recipes, if they aren’t already specialty, will have notes about how to adapt them to your dietary needs.

You’ll find slow cooker recipes that take 4 hours and stovetop recipes that take 20 minutes. With over 30 recipes I guarantee you’ll find one that fits your needs that you haven’t yet tried!

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